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†††††††††††††††††††††††† BITS AND PIECESÖ

†††† Iím Angry; A Stupid Life, A Stupid Story


I feel like nobody wants to hear about inc*st or believe it happened. At the very most they want to think of it as insignificant. Something like a small puncture wound that in time will heal if left to its self.

But in actuality it is as if an incompetent repair man left an 8Ē rusty penny nail sticking up through the floor.

And a story of pain, rejection, and minimizing begins to unfold..



He argues, that it wasnít his fault. There was a good reason for his slothful behavior. He was declared legally blind and missed the large nail, but he needed the job. It is not his responsibility if careless consumers hire him.

An innocent victim steps on his damn nail. The victim later notices the inside of her shoe is feeling warm and sticky and she believes it to be a mere flesh wound. Maybe itís only sweat, she hopes!

After sometime this innocent victim develops a fever so she considers itís the flu, or lupus or scoliosis. ď What the hell is my problem?Ē she continually asks.

She discovers the pain is from the nail wound and unlaces her shoelace. She removes the shoe from her now swollen foot. She stares down into the gory mess.

It is acutely infected, draining puss, greenish, purplish and hot to the touch.

Nobody saw her step on the nail. They did however hear her initial scream of pain, but thought she was an actress or maybe bit of a crybaby and a very difficult person or just a plain bitch and so therefore she was not worth the trouble of rendering aid.

However some concerned loved one tosses her a band-aid and gives some well-meaning advice, ďKeep the Band-Aid in place and get on with your life!! God, get over the pain already why donít yeah? And by the wayÖ

keep your shoes on because that wound is draining bacteria and poison all over the place, and what a stench!Ē

Everyone agrees nothing can be done for it. And itís best to let it fester in a moist dark shoe, and not disturb it. ďGo ahead and walk on it, use all your weight. We donít want to be aware of your struggling limp. You should be fine just donít dwell on it. It may turn gangrene but thatís for the best. Let the skin rot away from the bone, in fact itís so grotesque, go someplace else where we donít have to deal with yeah, weíre damn busy! If you should live through it come on back but donít tell us what happened. Thank God we donít have that disgusting problem! You sure brought that on yourself.Ē Was the well-meaning response.