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                      BITS AND PIECES… IN MY OWN WORDS


  The poem  "Insane Brain” Deals with the issue of sexual dysfunction.

   It is a common occurrence and may or may not be significant to you.


Primary S dysfunction is life long due to afflictions influenced by the human mind.

Secondary S dysfunction may occur after a period of normal function.

Onset could be due to a situation such as anxiety, guilt shame and frustration. Many people develop somatic symptoms. (The mind producing afflictions}

Dysfunction (the above mentioned) usually occurs during sex while with your partner, but can also occur alone.


Both Secondary and Primary dysfunction can be similar. Both may involve poor communication between partners, anger can be a factor as well as some fears of genitals, intimacy, loss of control, dependency, or pregnancy. Also guilt after pleasure, depression, or anxiety from stress, aging, a lack of understanding of normal sexual behavior, duration of sex and of sexual practices or sexual myths. All can cause a disinterest in sex.

The need to perform (observing one’s physical responses) and the fear of failure, or an excessive wish to please will contribute. Unnecessary shame and guilt, from traumatic events in childhood or adolescence contribute to primary and secondary dysfunction as well as physical factors. 

Secondary psychogenesis elements are almost always present.

 (A physical disorder resulting from psychic factors)


I was not aware that I suffered many of these symptoms until I researched this topic.

I’m not a professional, so please seek professional help if you are suffering.