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Insomniacís Dream


In an insomniacís dream it may seem, as if he were watching a theatrical scene, set against a black and white walled screen.

The curtain goes up, the lights linger and then fade away, as he watches the shadows in a dim distorted display.


Moonlight filters in, introducing a character, each rumpled lump and blanket bump a comical actor.


Tired eyes straining as the story unfolds from a muddled mind.


Standing then sitting, tossing and turning, flinging and flipping against the metal headboard behind.


A quick noise rises to a deafening quiet, an aching frame in an exhausted fight.


Dawn spills across the floor in a milky path sucking up black with a healthy wrath.


Whispering to the insomniac, were you ever asleep or did it just seem to be a dream?