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        Hot Coffee …Books And Terminology   &


( NOTE.. The books and terms listed below are not in alphabetical order but rather are placed together because a particular book might show a better example of a particular term then another might show. The terminology is in orange and the book description follows.)


Disassociation- Related psychological activities are functioning independently.

                       Simply not being aware of a function you are performing.


An excellent source of information on dissociation!!

This book helped me understand Dissociation and it is also very fascinating to read.

The lady in this book (Ruth) wanted her story told because she knows there’re people that need to hear they are not alone and their behavior because of abuse is perfectly normal. She helps us to understand why we are NOT crazy when we feel crazy. Fast and interesting reading. This is written in a story format and is written by her therapist from the notes he collected over a period of 5 years during her sessions.

 “Little Girl Fly Away” By Gene Stone … Simon & Schuster, nonfiction


Chronic Anxiety- A state of intense apprehension, fear resulting from a threatening event, physical and psychological functioning is disrupted. Includes obsessive compulsive and Post Traumatic Syndrome.

One may stop and freeze up and maintain a position of anticipated uncertainty.

Depression-A reduction in physical vigor, feeling sad or despondent, dejected and hopeless. The inability to concentrate and insomnia.

Auditory Hallucinations- Distorted perception of events, with a sense of reality.

Flashbacks- An unexpected reoccurrence of an intensely vivid mental image of a past traumatic experience.


“Growing Through the Pain” written by Catherine Bronson… Prentice Hall/ Parkside

This book really touches on a lot of terminology like that listed above, plus much, much more. This book is a very good source of information on the aftermath of ince*t. I think it would help to read this book more then once during therapy.


Suicidal- Relating to suicide, likely to attempt it. Toying with the idea.

Dizziness- A disorienting sensation, faintness, lightheadedness, or unsteadiness.

Psychogenic Amnesia-caused by any number of factors, including neurotic reactions.

Abreaction-To release repressed emotions, acting out the situation, in words behavior or emotion.

Hypnosis- This state does exist, but is somewhat less dramatic then often portrayed. These are the characteristics: (a) Superficially resembles a sleep like state, but the EEG pattern does not resemble sleep.

(b) Normal planning functions are reduced; a hypnotized person tends to wait for instructions from the therapist.

(c) Attention becomes highly selective and the subject may only hear one person to the exclusion of another (like the therapist)

(d) Role play is accomplished. The subject becoming quit immersed in a suggested role. (The ethics of this practice have been called into question.)

(e) Frequently a specific amnesia in which the subject cannot recall can be uncovered.


When Rabbit Howls” Written by the Troops For Trudii Chase.

Brace yourself when you begin reading this book. It was fascinating, but for me not a practical source of information, although very insightful. It gives one an EXCELLENT look into multiple personality disorder, now known as “DID.”

This book is an autobiography but not of one person, but of the troops for Trudii. And written in story format.



Help yourself to more Hot coffee…..and lets continue to explore more books!


“The Flock” Written by Joan Frances Casey

This book is non-fiction and written in story format. Her therapist explains

each step of therapy through the recovery process. It is another one that is

hard to put down. It is a lot of information besides the story of her disorder.


“Jennifer And Her Selves” by Schoenewolf

Another non-fiction


“Sybil” by Flora Rheta Schreiber

The most famous account of multiple personality. I really liked this book.

It is not as graphic as one would think. It is a lot of reading but very carefully

documented. Nonfiction


“I’m Eve” by Chris Costner Sizemore

Another famous account. This is heavy reading very detailed and long.

It is quite memorable and very extraordinary. It was hard to put down.



“The Family Inside Working With The Multiple” Written by Doris Bryant, Judy Kessler

And Lynda Shirar

Here yeah go! This book covers it all in depth. Easy to understand and read.

After this book you will have a good working understanding of the

multiple personality. I liked this book more then any I have read.

Don’t pass this one up. It will really help those newly diagnosed or anyone

at all that is interested.


“Beyond Integration, One Multiple’s Journey” Written by Doris Bryant, Judy Kessler

This book covers some of the same topics as the above mentioned and goes right through the recovery process to integration. It is very interesting as well, but

I’m nowhere near this point so it was a little beyond me. It would still be good to have

in your home library for later reference.


“Through Divided Minds, Probing The Mysteries Of Multiple Personalities”

A Doctor’s Story_

By Robert Mayer

If you wonder what the doctors who care think, pick this one up. This doctor

is genuinely concerned with helping people with this disorder. This is a good over view.



“Multiple Personality Disorder From The Inside Out”

Edited by Barry M. Cohen, Esther Giller and Lynn W.

This is unique. It is a collaborated effort by many people with the disorder.

They have all contributed their thoughts, feelings and experiences along

with their poetry. I didn’t get a real good understanding of the disorder

from this book but it gives one support in knowing they are not alone.



These last few books are brief, direct and a quick fix.


“Beginning To Heal” by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

This book is based on their book “The Courage To Heal”

It is a smaller version and gives comfort measures and brief explanations

to all survivors of abuse. However it does not cover MPD.

However there are graphic stories all through both books, which I didn’t

appreciate. I would warn that it could be triggering.


“Living With Your Selves A Survival Manual For People With Multiple Personalities”

By Sandra J. Hocking and Company

This is a brief book and will get you on your way to understanding your self.


“Someone I Know Has Multiple Personality Disorder, A Book For Significant Others,

Friends, Family, and Caring Professionals”

Written by Sandra J. Hocking

 This book kicks off the first section with a graphic account of her abuse. That was

frightening for me, however there is useful information for the newly diagnosed.

I would like to also suggest a few by, John Bradshaw, "Family Secrets" This one helped me research my family history and uncover the hidden secrets and circumstances that would reveal why abuse happened to me. I also read, "Healing the Shame That Binds You" It has healing techniques for those who have suffered sexual abuse.



These are the books I have read so far. Maybe you have some different ones that

you would like to share, please e-mail me.