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Protection - If you're worried about being killed or having your dragonballs stolen you can hire protection. When you're protected anyone that attacks you has to fight your protection as well. Both you and your protection have to post a message agreeing to the amount. When paying, you should pay by week. You cannot hire from your own team or an enemy team. Rogue players and ally teams are alright though.

Alright, here's how I set up for battles and an example of one. If you're interested in fighting your own battles on AIM this is a good thing to read. If you're going to have me do all your battles then this will bore you like no other.

First I get a notepad, good mechanical pencil (my preference) with eraser, and a calculator. Next I open a member page to see what moves that person has. Since we all have the same moves right now you don't need to open any member pages. Just go to the moves page, which you'll probably need open, and everyone has the moves with a * by them. Then I go to the roster. I write down character info like this:

PL - x Spd - x Int - x E. Str - x% (dont forget weapon) P. Str - x% (dont forget weapon)
Max hp - x Current hp - x
Max end - x Current end - x
Items (that affect battles) - x, x, x...

I write that down for each person who's fighting. The first two lines are for quick reference. The third and fourth lines are the two factors that change regularly. I prefer crossing out the current hp/current end when it changes and writing the new hp/end down as opposed to erasing it everytime. When dealing with speed plus and int plus i dont write down the change as it is only a factor for one turn (with certain things like specials and transformations it can last longer) but i do keep track of it.
I'm going to do an example battle here:

Player A
PL - 50 Spd - 50 Int - 50 E. Str - 50% P. Str - 50%
Max hp - 500 Current hp - 500
Max end - 5 Current end - 5
Items - none

Player B
PL - 30 Spd - 70 Int - 40 E. Str - 50% P. Str - 50%
Max hp - 300 Current hp - 300
Max end - 5 Current end - 5
Items - none

I will keep track of changes on my notepad, not on here.
Since neither person has 100 speed or more, neither gets any extra attacks, defends, or counters.
The following battle is inaccurate since I have changed the way counters are used.

Player B is faster, so he gets first attack. Player B attacks with big bang attack (2 end used up). 50% strength times 6 strength(attack str) times 30 pl equals 90 damage. Since he's slower, A is unable to dodge. A can either use an energy defend or an energy counter. He knows he has more pl so he decides to counter. By the way, plus/minus mean nothing when countering. A counters with special beam cannon(2 end used). .5 x 6 x 50 = 150 damage. 150-90=60 damage to player B. (Battles tend to be better when im not explaining them, and when there are more differences between stats.) Now B's phase is done, now it's A's phase. A needs to pick an attack that does not give him a speed minus otherwise B can dodge (im not going to spell out speed and int advantages here, check the rules). A attacks with a roundhouse (if you think of better names tell me) which has strength 4(uses 1 end). .5 x 4 x 50=100 damage. B cannot dodge because A has more than half of his speed advantage. Realizing he's weaker B defends with push-aside(1 end). 100 damage times 70% damage let through (.7) equals 70 damage to B. B knows he can't win unless he hits A when he can't react. B rests and regains 5 endurance(back to full). A's confident so he saves no endurance and uses his last 2 to use and energy attack. A attacks with chou kamehameha. 150 damage. B uses crossed-arms block (1 end). 150 x .65 = 97.5 damage. Round that up to 98 damage. Ok, at this point of the battle A is out of endurance and full on hp. B is close to full on endurance and low on hp. Since he still has the speed advantage and the end advantage he could run away without being caught. But since this is an example he's going to finish the fight. B attacks with chou kamehameha. 90 damage. A has no endurance left so he can do nothing. A is hit full force. A rests and regains 5 endurance. B knows attacking gets him nowhere so he rests. B regains 5 endurance. A attacks with roundhouse. 100 damage. B counters with roundhouse. 60 damage. B takes 40 damage. B still has no chance of winning so he can either give up and not chance being killed or continue with the fight to get the stat and senzu bean when he loses. He goes for the stat and senzu bean. B attacks with eye beam(might as well speed things up with a weak attack). 30 damage. A counters with chou kamehameha. 150 damage. B takes 120 damage. B has been defeated. A wants some cash so he blows B away with shine shine missile. A gains 500 credits and 2 stats for his win. B gains 1 stat and a trip to heaven. He has full health there when he arrives.

Complicated to write out, but if I wasn't typing it up it would've taken only a few minutes. Here's kinda what it looks like when I post it:

Player B has the first attack. B attacks with big bang attack. Thinking quickly player A counters with special beam cannon. B is overpowered and knocked back. A attacks with a roundhouse. Planning ahead B defends with push-aside. B takes a rest in the pile of boulders he's in. A fires a chou kamehameha at B. B jumps up and uses crossed-arms block. Seeing A out of breath B thinks about running. Not wanting to shame himself B decides against it. B fires back with a chou kamehameha. A is too busy catching his breath too do anything but get hit by the blast. A staggers from the blow. A rests painfully on the side of a rock. B knows attacking gets him nowhere when A can still counter so he rests again. A attacks with roundhouse. B counters with roundhouse. B receives yet another blow from this. Giving up on winning but not wanting to give up B attacks with eye beam. A counters with a chou kamehameha. B's smouldering body falls to the ground. Grinning with menace A blows B away with shine shine missile. A gains 500 credits and 2 stats for his kill. B gains 1 stat and a trip to heaven for being pitiful in battle. A has 410/500 hp and 2/5 endurance.