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You can learn moves from different masters depending on where you are at. If someone on your team has learned a move they can teach it to you in half the time (rounded up), but they have to spend that time doing it. It you think it's illogical for some masters to teach some moves because they can't use them, phooey on you, I think it's fun.

Energy Attacks take 2 days to learn.
Energy Defends take 4 days to learn.
Physical Attacks take 1 day to learn.
Physical Defends take 3 days to learn.
Specials take 10 days to learn.

Master Roshi is the trainer for Earth. He knows all of the physical attacks, Class D energy attacks, and all of the physical defends.
Master Guru is the trainer for Namek. He knows all of the energy attacks and energy defends.
King Kai is the trainer for the next dimension. He knows everything including those oh-so elusive specials.

Post a message saying you want to learn said move from said master to begin learning a move.