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Team War

By the way, you can't team up with people who aren't of your alignment. Good with good, neutral with neutral, evil with evil. Good and evil are always enemies. Neutrals can choose who their enemies are. Anyone can make a neutral team an ally or an enemy. Every time you kill an enemy of your team, your team is awarded 1000 credits in the safe. Everytime one of your teammates is killed you lose 1000 credits from your safe. If you kill a teammate your team loses 2000 credits from the safe, plus you're kicked out. The downside to neutral is they only get half the money for their team when they kill someone on another team, but they lose nothing when a teammate is killed. If two or more people from allied teams are fighting an enemy, they are essentially teammates (meaning the battle ends if it is down to just the allies) but the one who finishes off the enemy gets the credit. The winner can transfer some of the win money to the other team if they wish, and if their treasurer allows it. But, if two people from allied teams end up in the same battle which doesn't involve an enemy team, then they are not considered teammates, they are merely expected to not kill each other. If you kill an ally his team then becomes an enemy team.