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Your stat areas are Power Level (PL), Hit Points (HP), Speed (Spd), Intelligence (Int), and Endurance (End). Each day you are given stats to distribute on your stat areas (no decimals). PL and HP are linked and for each stat you put into them you get 5 PL and 50 HP. If you put one stat into spd/int/end they go up by one. There are ways to increase how many stats you get a day. To distribute stats post a message on the message board telling me where you want them.

Power Level - Starts out at 50. This plays a large part in determining how strong your character's attacks will be.

Hit Points - Starts out at 500. This is how much damage your character can take in battle.

Speed - Starts out at 5. Determines how many attacks you get in your phase, how many times you can defend in your opponent's phase, if you can run away, etc.

Intelligence - Starts out at 5. Intelligence can let you hit your opponent if they try to dodge (see Fighting for details).

Endurance - Endurance is how tired your character is. If you don't have any endurance you cannot do anything in battle but rest (regain 5 endurance per turn rested). Every time you use a physical attack, physical counter, or defend you lose 1 point of endurance. Energy attacks and energy counters use 2 points of endurance. Some moves use more or less endurance though, noted in the moves section. Your endurance returns to full when you finish a battle. The loser is given a senzu bean at the end of the battle, which he eats automatically. After reading the fighting section this will make more sense.

Moves - You start out knowing 12 of 24 energy attacks, 6 of 12 physical attacks, 2 of 4 physical defends, 1 of 6 energy defends, and 0 of 4 specials.

Travel - Traveling between Earth and Namek takes 5 days in regular spaceships.


Note: Training works on a daily basis. You should come to the site and post where you want your stats at, do your battles, and those things, everyday. Also, you can't have things pending unless you're going on vacation or another good excuse. If you are idle I will put a * by your character name. If that * is there 21 days or more without hearing from you your character is removed.

Types of Training:
By Self - You get 5 stats per day when training by self.
Sparring - If two people post it on the message board, they can spar. You gain an extra 2 stats per day when sparring. You cannot spar when doing anything else like working. You can only spar with teammates. More than 2 can spar, but gains are the same and all have to agree.
Weighted Clothing - Adds 3 stats to whatever you do. By self is now 8, Sparring 5 extra, etc. Does not affect fights.
Super Weighted Clothing - Adds 5 stats to whatever you do. You can only wear one pair of clothing at a time.
Gravitron - see the gravitron chart.
King Kai - You gain 25 stats a day. You have to be dead and at King Kai's planet to train with him. He can teach you any move. But you can't train for the 25 stats and learn a move at the same time.

Getting stats while doing other things - You get 1 stat per day when you're working or training for a move; equipment can add to gains when training for a move. When you're searching for the dragonballs you get 1 stat a day; equipment cannot add to this. When you're training with King Kai for a move you get 3 stats a day; equipment can add to this.
NOTE: When you're in a gravitron you can't do anything else except fighting, weighted clothing cannot be worn in a gravitron.

Training for moves - Training with a master for the set amount of time gets you a move. Training with a teammate who has learned a move gets you that move in half the time, rounded up if uneven. But, it takes away from their time as well.


Everything involved with battling is updated at the update of the next day, along with any purchases you made that day. Let's say you win a fight and gain your stats and all that. Don't include that increase in your next battle for that day, your increases aren't counted until the next update. Do not post a message saying you are buying something, and then plan on using it before the next update. Also, unused battles do not carry over into the next day. You get 3 a day, same amount everyday.

If you get bored often when playing for lack of things to do, I'll make some scenarios, or give me some suggestions. By the way, I am aware the fighting system is tough. I made it that way on purpose for numerous reasons. If you just can't handle it, ask me or someone else who knows for help. You'd be much better off doing it yourself though.

End of gameplay file. If you learned everything on this page you should read fighting at least before joining, but I HIGHLY recommend reading everything else first. If you don't like this rpg, please tell me what's wrong with it, besides it's too hard to fight.