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New Things

1. I've had problems before where people train for a month for speed, and become impossible to hit. But then it takes ages for them to kill someone cuz they're so weak. So, I'm putting this rule into effect. None of your stat areas can have more than two times the amount of stats in any other area. So, if you have 10 speed you can have up to 20 endurance. If you have 250 pl (divide pl by 5, divide hp by 50) you can have 100 intelligence. Feel free to give me comments on this.
2. Regaining HP and End outside of battle: you regain all your end after 1 day, and 1/5 of your hp back per day. 3. I'm making it so that if you want to counter you have to have 10 more speed than what their speed is AFTER their attack. So their speed + the plus or minus speed stated by the attack, if your speed is 10 or more above that number, you can counter. Also, intelligence doesn't count for anything when countering. I'm changing this because if you're stronger than someone being able to counter all the time gives you a beastly advantage. Any battles that took place before this (not many) do not change.

Rules of Fighting

Note: This all may seem complicated, but trust me, once you've done a few battles it won't seem that hard at all. It takes practice, but if you want to play and can't handle the complications, ask me.

Phases - You can attack multiple times before your opponent attacks back, based upon speed (up to 3 times). Each time you attack is a turn. When your turns are used up and your opponent gets to go, you have finished a phase. A phase consists of one person's set of turns. When both you and your opponent have finished a phase, then that is called a round. So, it goes turns in a phase, phases in a round, and rounds in a battle.

Order - The fastest goes first unless they offer it to their opponent and the opponent accepts. If both are the same speed, the one who started the battle goes first.

Attacks - You start off with one attack during your phase. For every 100 speed you have, you get an extra attack in your phase (up to 3 attacks in all). So if you have 105 speed, you get 2 attacks in each phase (of yours). Energy attacks take 2 endurance, physical take 1.

There are three defensive maneuvers. Defending, dodging, and countering.

Defending - Defending requires using an energy or physical defend. The better a defend is matched to the attack (see moves section for details), the higher the percentage of damage blocked. The defend must be the same type (energy or physical) as the attack. You start off with one defend during your opponent's phase. For every 125 speed you have, you get an extra defend in your opponent's phase (up to 3 defends in all). So if you have 275 speed, you get 3 defends. It takes 1 endurance to perform an energy defend or physical defend.

Dodging - Dodging requires being faster than your opponent(plus the difference his attack's speed plus/minus has). The amount of speed you have over them is called the speed advantage. The amount of intelligence one of you has over the other is called the intelligence advantage. If they have half of your speed advantage in their intelligence advantage, they can read where you are going and hit you with the attack anyway. Say you are 10 faster than your opponent, then you can dodge, but if they have 5 more intelligence than you they read where you are going and you are hit anyway. Dodging takes no endurance, but if you have no endurance you can't dodge cuz you're too tired to move.

Note: When dealing with running away (discussed later) you use the current amount of endurance, not the maximum.

Countering - A counter uses one of your moves to attempt to overpower your opponent's attack. The counter must be the same type as the attack (energy or physical). Energy counters take 2 endurance, physical counters take 1 endurance. To counter you have to have 10 more speed than the speed of your opponent + the speed plus/minus of his attack. Intelligence doesn't count for anything when countering.

Note: The above fighting rules are based on an attack with no speed or intelligence pluses. Attacks with a speed plus help reduce any enemy speed advantage. Attacks with an intelligence plus help reduce any enemy intelligence advantage. Speed and intelligence minuses do the opposite.

Strength - All energy attacks start off at 50% strength, as do physical attacks. These can only be increased by items.

Calculating Damage

Note: You should have a calculator for convience sake. All fighters should do the math to make sure there are no mistakes. If you don't agree you should check the rules to make sure you are doing the math correctly. If you can't agree ask myself or someone who knows to help. Also, be sure to keep track of your attacks, defends, counters, speed pluses, endurance left and all those good things mentioned in this fighting page and in other sections.

Getting Damage - To determine the damage of an attack take your percent of strength for the type of attack you are using and multiply it by the strength of the attack. Then multiply that by your power level. For example, percent of strength is 50%, strength of attack is 5 and power level is 50. 0.50 x 5 x 50 = 125 damage.

NOTE: Never round until you reach the final number, then you always round up.

Defending That's if they don't retaliate in any way. Let's say they defend using a defensive move that blocks 30% of damage from that attack. So you multiply your damage by the percent of damage let through. 125 x 0.70 = 88 damage to them.

Dodging - If your enemy dodges your attack, and you didn't have enough intelligence to read where they went, you don't do any damage and the fight continues. Or, let's say you had plus 5 speed for that attack. Then you have to check the speed difference again and see if they can dodge. If someone says they dodge when they can't, and don't notice it themselves before you do, you can tell them it and let them take it back or be nasty and don't let them take it back. If neither of you notice until two actions have passed it can't be changed.

Countering - If your opponent counters your attack, then you have to calculate the damage of the counter and put it against your attack's damage. Subtract the smaller from the larger. If the attack was stronger, that much damage goes through to enemy. If the attack was smaller, you get that much damage to you. So if you are attacking for 125 and they counter for 100, 125 - 100 = 25 damage to them. But if you are attacking for 125 and they counter for 150, 150 - 125 = 25 damage to you.


Tournaments will be held once a month. You must participate. Everyone posts who they want to fight on the message board. Once someone says they want to fight you, you're stuck fighting them. First post, first pick. If someone else posts saying they want to fight you then it's a multi-fighter battle. Be careful not to get ganged up on. There is only allowed one winner per battle, unless you're fighting with a teammate(s). Once you finish a battle, you are allowed to join other battles or start another one. If you don't have a team, you're probably in for a tough time. Tournament battles net you the same as regular battles, but there is an additional 50 credits for defeating someone and an additional 100 credits for killing them. If you are the last one still in the tournament you get a prize (1000 credits is standard).

Starting a fight:

Post a message along the lines of "I want to fight this person." Since I don't know how to automate things, you have two options for fighting. You can ask me to fight both sides if you started the fight and I'll have it included in the next update. Don't worry about me cheating, I'll post the fight on the message board. Or, fighting through AIM works most of the time, just copy and paste the fight onto the message board, all fighters have to paste the battle. When you say you want to fight someone, they have to fight you, unless they can outrun you. To outrun somone you have to be faster than them, but if they have 1/2 of your speed advantage in their endurance advantage, you'll wear down before they do and they'll catch you. Unless you run, you HAVE to fight. When fighting just follow the instructions under 'rules of fighting' and 'calculating damage' and those other areas of importance and have at it.

Multiplayer Battles:

If teaming up on one person, all teaming up have to post a message saying they want to fight this person with these people. If one person attacking multiple same as normal except you say more than one name.

NOTE: You may not fight the same person twice in one day. But, multiple person battles don't count. Say A, B, and C fight. It is ok for A to then fight B alone. Also, even though you ask me to do a fight it might not happen. If that person has already been beaten once that day you can't attack him.

Battles per day - Sorry to limit you, but to make it fair to those who don't get on often I'm limiting battles to 3 a day, which also makes it possible for myself to update things. Although, you can mess around and have fake battles if you're that bored. Just make sure, I repeat, make sure the other(s) know it doesn't count!

Giving up - You cannot give up in battle unless you are at or below 1/5 of your max hp. If you give up you cannot be killed. Giving up counts the same as a loss except you aren't given a senzu bean.

Rewards of Fighting

Defeat someone in battle - 150 credits and 2 stats each time you defeat someone. There are only multiple winners in battle if two or more people from a team gang up on someone not on their team, since team members aren't allowed to hurt each other (if you attack a teammate you are kicked off the team automatically). If you kill your opponent you get 500 credits and 2 stats. If you kill an enemy teammate your team receives 1000 credits to the safe (you still get the 500).

NOTE: Senzu beans gained from battle are used right away, so you and I don't have to keep track of HP and End changes.

Get defeated in battle - You gain 1 stat and a senzu bean which you eat automatically. If you are killed you get no extra stats. Check out Heaven page for more info about being dead.