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Join DBZ Lords

To join I must have everything in this list filled out correctly. By AIM Screen Name I mean your AOL Instant Messenger screen name (required, download if don't have). Your character name can't be the same as someone else's. It is not required to have a bio(background info) about your character, but it is desired. Starting Status means what you are doing when you start off. For those of you who put down "good" as starting status, I'll be more specific. Starting Status is the activity that your character is doing when he begins. He can be working, training, or searching for the dragonballs.

AIM Screen Name
Email Address
Character's Name
Character's Alignment (Good, Neutral, Evil)
Character's Race (Human, Namek, Sayjin, Other)
Character's Bio
Starting Status
Your Page's Colors (Background, Then Text)