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M11 Schmitt Rubin

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M1911 Schmidt-Rubin

.308 Win. 

This gun was aqquired at the OGCA show in Cleveland, Ohio. On my way out with my catch of the day, a nice clean 1891 Argentine carbine, I saw a swiss magazine sticking out of a gunrack with a $75 sticker on it. I got closer to examine it and found a sporterized M1911 Carbine (2000 meters on the rear sight, rather than 2500). All serial numbers matched except the magazine. It was in a pretty sporter stock with a Herters pad on it. It had a side mounted scope, holding a 3/4" diameter scope (made my Ordinance Optics, Inc.) The cheekpiece was high and offset to work with the side mounted & off set scope.  The bore was acceptable, and I bought it. I found after I got it home that faintly stamped on the rear sight base was "CAL 308 WIN". At the range it's accuracy thought the iron sights is ok (3 MOA) but the optics on the scope are broke, so I have to search for an appropriate replacement.  It fails to extract 75% of the time. At this point I have ordered a M1911 barreled reciever from Springfield Sporters ($40), and depending on gunsmith advice/results I with either replace the whole barreled reciever with the new one in 7.5x55, or have the smithy switch barrels. In either case I want it in the original caliber, since I reload for it already.

m1911rear.JPG (36239 bytes)

Below is a picture of the scope mount. It is offset, and for some reason two screws were left out.

m1911mount.JPG (45896 bytes)

The generous offset cheekpiece makes the offset scope easier to use.

m1911butt.JPG (43881 bytes)

Here you can see the offset scope makes it easy to reload the magazine with the original chargers (if it were in 7.5x55 calibre) and the cases will eject freely, without impacting on the scope.

m1911obique.JPG (46255 bytes)


20 Jan 2006 19:26