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M96 Swedish Mauser

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M96 Swedish Mauser

6.5x55 Calibre

This is one of my earliest acquisitions, and one of the nicest. I was working in a small gunstore when these were very inexpensive at the wholesale level. I ended up eventually buying 6 of the M96 Swede mausers. None of them cost me more than $70.

Just try buying one this nice today! This has a beautiful bluing job, and would rate at about 99%. The wood is very attractive, but has some handling dings on the butt (see pic below). The stock disk indicates a "0" for bore condition (the best). All parts are matching.  It's year of manufacture was 1906. The sling was added by me,  and is an original swedish issue. The sight hood was on when I got it. I picked it up at the SOG warehouse.

I noticed the lettering on the reciever had white material in it, as if it were highlighted to photograph. Perhaps this was one that was photographed by the distributor or used as a show piece?

I'd like to know what kind of wood this stock is made of?!


The stock disk shows a minty barrel. One can see the nail holes where the range plate was once attached.

The wood is just gorgeous.

Handling dings in an otherwise flawless rifle.

20 Jan 2006 19:26