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Greek M1903/14 MS Rifle

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Greek M1903/14 Mannlicher-Schoenauer Rifle


I had never seen a Greek M1903 MS rifle or carbine in any shape in my 5 years of gun show hopping. So, when I saw this one I jumped on it at the price of $125 at an OGCA show

The wood is in decent shape, though with the expected scuffs and nicks of years of use. It was made by Breda (Italy) in 1927.

 There is some pitting on the receiver as you can see below. The extractor is also missing, and there is some minor pitting on the trigger guard and mag floorplate. A search for extractors is coming up empty so I may need to fashion one.

The rotary magazine is unique for a military rifle.



28 Mar 01  Update

I found this bayonet in a $5.00 bargain bin at a gunshow. It was obviously turkish, so I bought it to fit my M38 Turk Mauser. Turns out that the added plate on the crossguard had an opening too small for any of the Turk rifles. Turns out the the Turks, well known for appropriating military arms captured on the battlefield to their own use, had at some point captured large numbers of Greek M1903 & 1903/14 rifles. This bayonet had been modified to fit the M1903's that had been reissued to selected units. Rather odd, Eh?


20 Jan 2006 19:24