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M94 Swede Carbine

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My curious M94 Swedish Mauser carbine.

[Note] This rare piece was sold to finance my wedding in the summer of 2000. I listed it for auction on with a reserve price of $650. To my utter astonishment and delight, the closing bid on this fine piece was $1365!.

(Yes: The having my wife is soooo much better than having this gun!)

An Oberndorf A/N 1895 model, it is different from others I have seen. The serial is 1316, the lowest I have found. As the photos show, the wood is well worn, the bore is pristine, and all sn# match except the bolt. I picked this beauty up for a song.

Curious, because I have never seen one with a side mount bayonet lug. I find no references to one any any liturature, even in Doug Bowser's fairly comprehensive Swedish Mauser book.

The first photo shows the butt, with the leather buckle screwed on. A crack is barely visible below the buckle. On the top edge of the stock, almost in a straight line above the screws of the buckle is a barely visible indentation that once held something 3/4" round, with 5 nails holding it on. Also barely visible about 4-5 inches ahead of the buckle along the bottom edge is the oval metal badge with a "20" bisected with an "S". The gray painted band around the grip is clearly visible. You will also notice there is no provision for the usually present brass disk (unit ID or later firearm condition info).

m94butt.JPG (40948 bytes)

The second photo shows the side bayonet lug.

m94side.JPG (16440 bytes)

The third photo shows the same from the top view.

m94top.JPG (12636 bytes)

 m94other.JPG (3711 bytes)

21Jan00 Update

Research and information from Swedish collector Per Holmback ( indicated that this M94 variant is not unknown in Sweden:

Modifierade vid Stockholms Örlogsvarv. Endast ett fåtal modifierades. 
Modified at Stochholm navy doskyard. Only a few were modified.
Sabelbajonett för modifierad karbin m/1894-14. 
Sabelbajonett med yataghanklinga. Mässingfäste med grepplattor av trä och parerstång av stål. Läderbalja med mässingbeslag.
Bajonetten för Remingtongevär m/1867 modifierades med ny parerstång av stål. 
Ett hundratal karbin m/1894-14 modifierades med ny fästanordning för att kunna ta denna bajonett.
Användes vid flottan.
Sword bayonet for carbine m/1894-14 with a special locking mechanism . 
Sword bayonet with yataghan blade. The hilt is wooden with brass pommel and steel crossguard. The scabbard is of leather with brass mouthpiece and chape.
The sword bayonet m/1867 for Remington rifle m/1867 was modified with a new crossguard of steel. 
This was only used by the navy, and a few hundreds of the navy m/1894-14 carbine was modified with a new locking mechanism for this bayonet.

20 Jan 2006 19:24