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French Mle 1874 M.80 Gras Rifle

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French Mle 1874 M.80 Gras Rifle

11x59R Gras

This is another OGCA show find. I've found myself evolving in my collecting interest. I've moved from Semi-autos to WWII and WWI rifles, and now find myself  drawn to older BPCR (Black Powder Cartridge) rifles. This Gras is in excellent Antique condition. The bore is very clean and sharp, albiet with some cleaning rod wear on the muzzle end (I'll counterbore that if need be.) A little research in "Rifles of the World, 2nd Ed.) shows that the M.80 on the receiver side indicates a modification to handle the then common primer ruptures and case head failures. Here is a web site with more details.

The bayonet is interesting, being stamped "Maine de Steyr 1879", and is an epee style blade.  The source above indicates that Steyr made bolts only for these rifles. There is no visible indication on the rifle of where it was made, but I have not removed it from the stock to see any hidden marks. Here is a link (In french) about them.

Markings indicate the bayonet was made by Steyr in 1879. 


I've found some reloading data here. .

20 Jan 2006 19:24