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Site updated & repaired 20 Jan 06

Hello! This web page is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of information useful to those people who lawfully obtain, collect and use historical, military or other wise collectible firearms. You will also find a bit of biographical info and some collector related humour as well.

Note: I'm not a dealer. I'm a collector and a hobbyist. Repeat. I am NOT a dealer. Don't ask me if anything on this site is for sale, because it isn't. This site isn't an offer for sale, isn't a showroom, isn't a means of income. If and when I do sell something (very rarely) I'll usually list it on or ebay. The seller name will be Palefrei. And IF I do dispose of a firearm, it will be in accordance to all Federal and other applicable laws,  that includes laws and regulations for shipment inter and intra-state. If you ask me to do something against the law, murky, shady or questionable, I will contact my local LEO with all pertinent information.

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