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Spanish FR-8

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Spanish FR-8 Mauser

7.62x51 CETME

This particular piece has generated a lot of controversy. Converted by the Spaniards from the original M1943 Mauser in 8mm, this carbine was chambered for the 7.62x51 CETME round. This round is Not the same as the 7.62x51 NATO or .308 Winchester, though all three are dimensionally very similar.

All I can tell you is that I load this by hand, with light bullets and light powder loads. I see no need to push any old rifle with hot or overly powerful loads. (anyways, I shot one .308 round through it. It kicked waaaay too much for me.

The sight is an interesting radial design, going from an open sight to three rotating peepholes for different ranges. The tube under the barrel can hold cleaning materials (mine had a spanish cigarette) and the cap doubles as the lug for the bayonet.

The muzzle threads are identical to the HK/CETME and I have even attached a muzzle brake from a HK to it.

The figure on the wood is just a beautiful striped pattern.

Unfortunately, if one looks at the last picture, one can see that the butt is warped on an angle from the rest of the rifle. -(

20 Jan 2006 19:24