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Welcome to Metis Beach - Bienvenu à Métis-sur-Mer

  1. A Preliminary Annotated Chronology and Bibliography of the Seigneury de Peiras or Mitis.

  2. Project Phare Point Métis.

  3. Metis Light-house Project.

  4. Survol de l'histoire des Métis au Québec.

  5. Historical Sketch of the Métis in Québec.

  6. Metis Prehistory.

  7. Notre préhistoire de Métis.

  8. Early Metis History.

  9. Proposed Rezoning of Métis-sur-Mer Urbanism Plan, 2008

  10. Rezonage Proposeé dans la Plan de Urbanism de Métis-sur-Mer, 2008.

  11. George Sims Archaeological Collection.

  12. La collection archéologique de George Sims.


  14. We are Responsible!

  15. DdEa-3 Archaeological site at Price, 2005.

  16. Le site archéologique préhistorique de Price DdEa-3.

  17. Second Message to Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church.

  18. Message to Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church.

  19. Fusion sur mer - Metis Beach & Les Boules, par Judith Lachapelle.

  20. New Age Presbyterians, eh?

  21. Leggatt's Point Cemetery: A Pandora's Box!

  22. Municipal Council stonewalls Regulations on Errant Dogs.

  23. Harbour Seals at Metis, by Dr. Mike Hammill.

  24. The Seigniory of Metis, 1675 - 1854, by Ken Annett.

  25. List of Birds of Metis, by Jim Houghton.

  26. Leggatt's Point Wildlife. by Diana Diener.

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