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The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The grave of Private George Caldwell of Company R. He was mustered into service on September 4, 1861. He was wounded at Fair Oaks on May 31st 1862 as a member of the 61st Pennsylvania Company I. He is buried at Westminster Cemetery in Bala Cynwhd, PA in Sec.Belmont Lot 505 Grave 1. Flag placed by 23rd Pa Re-enactors.
Col. George C Spear is buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia. You can see the city skyline in the distance. He was mustered into service as a major of the 23rd Pennsylvania in April 21 1861.Three months later he re-enlisted as a Major in the 23rd and served until March of 62' when he was transfered to the 61st PA. He was killed on May 3, 1863 at Battle of 2nd Fredericksburg , "Marye's Heights" being shot through the head. He was buried on June 2,1862 in Section 36 , lot 19 Grave 5SW. This area of the cemetery is often neglected and vandalized.

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Grave of Col. George Mindil. He was mustered in on October 5,1861 as the Captain of Company R 23rd PA. He was transferred to Company I of the 61st PA and then resigned on October 6 1862 to become the Col. of the 33rd NJ which was nicknamed "Mindil's Zouaves" They used the basic pattern of the 23rd uniform for their unit. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was born in 1843 and died in 1907
The Grave of Pvt. George Galloway of Company Co. C. He was mustered into service on August 2 1861. He was wounded at the battle of Battle of Malvern Hill on July 1 1862. He re-enlisted and was transferred on Sept 8 1862 to Company F of the 82nd PA. He is buried at Leverington Cemetery in Roxborough ,PA. He was born in 1842 and died in 1925. Flag placed by Frank P. Marrone Jr.
Grave of Captain George Wood of Co. A. He enlisted on August 21 1861 . Originally the 1st Lt. of Co. D he was promoted to Captain on July 22 1862. He was wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks on May 31 1862. He was born on March 29, 1840 and died on December 28, 1884. He is buried at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia in Sec. Merion Lot 318 Grave 1. Flag placed by 23rd Pa Re-enactors.
Grave of Adj. George W. Wilson of Company O,. He mustered into service on September 2 1861 as 2nd Lt. He was promoted to 1st Lt. on October 7 1861 and then to Adj. on March 11th 1863. He was transfered to the 61st PA in March of 1862. While a member of the 61st, he was killed at the Battle of Spottsylvania on May 9 1864. He is buried at Abington Pres. Church Cemetery in Abington,PA. Flag placed by 23rd Pa Re-enactors.

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