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Welcome to Jeff's RPG Page! Do you like the new format? All of your needs can be found in the left column, just click a section to enlarge it. I recommend that if you are lost to check out the Table of Contents. Also, be sure to check out our cool Updates section, where you can see how hard the EBcrew actually works on this site. Wait! Before you go, sign the guestbook and tell me what you think! Also, if you like what you see, please vote for us on the Top 100 RPG Sites!

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Quote of the Month - June 2001
"I have fake teeth, so I like soft foods. Not like rocks or stones. They're too hard." - Old Lady at Summer's Restaurant (Earthbound)

July Updates

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Cool Junk

June 2001 Award Winner

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New Sections Added: *Reader Reviews*- Don't like the EB Review Crew's work? Do something about it! Email me your review (in proper format) and I will post it. Find Reader Review links at the bottom of every main game page!

*Personal Pages*- Go here from the main page or any review pages to learn about what the EBcrew has contributed to the site, as well as other cool stuff.

~Chatroom~- I'm not sure about this one, email me on your opinion.

Also, If you think I should add more games (Final Fantasy Anthology, etc.) tell me, please! I need your opinions.

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