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I don't know why I made this page, I just thought that I had some cool stuff to share. If you want to post your cool stuff(hidden features in OS's or even rumors for games), e-mail me and I will post them up, as long as they work.

Windows 98

1. Windows 98 Credits.

Have you ever wondered who created Windows 98? Or are you just looking for sumthin cool to do to pass the time? Look no further. To get to the Windows 98 credits, you must first obviously have Windows 98. Go into My Computer, and find the folder "WELCOME", located in C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME. There should be a few files in there, with the Welcom98.wav and the WelData.exe also. Now, normally, (if you play around with Windows like I do) you would double click WelData.exe and see what happens. Try it if you want to, but I'll tell you this: Nothing Happens. To make it actually do something you have to Create a Shortcut of it (right-clicking on it and selecting Create Shortcut). It doesn't matter where you place the shortcut, just make sure you can find it. Now, you have to right-click on the shortcut to Weldata (which is what it should say) and go to Properties. You should see two tabs at the top, General and Shortcut. Select the Shortcut one and look at the screen. It should have a few input boxes and one pulldown menu. The input boxes should be Target, Start in, and Shortcut Key, and the pulldown should be called Run. Now, look inside the target box, and you should see this:

"C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME\WELDATA.EXE"

Now, you have to change the text in the Target box to this:

"C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME\WELDATA.EXE"You_are_a_real_rascal

Yes, this is what you really have to do. I am not kidding at all. Even just by leaving out the l in rascal will screw it up. Now, look at the Run box. Pull it down and you should see something like Normal, Maximized, and Minimized. Set it to minimized, click OK, and then run the shortcut. Amazed? I'm sure you all are. ::distant cough::

2. Volcano Screen Saver.

Here's a little feature those "wonderful baby kissing people" over at Microsoft have thrown into Windows 98. Minimize all your windows (whichever way you prefer) and right click on your wallpaper and go into Properties. Now, this screen should be familiar enough for most of you, so go to the Screensaver Tab. Once you are there select the Screensaver named "3d Text". Once it is seleceted, go into the settings and type in the Text box the word Volcano. Ignore the other settings for now, and click OK. Now you can preview the screensaver and voila! Instead of the normal Screensaver the names of all the volcanoes in the U.S. (maybe the world, I'm not the Volcano Expert) are displayed one by one. Enjoy if you can, but I like my Matrix screensaver better. (Hey did you know there's a Volcano called Bachelor? Weird...)

P.S. We're really lucky to have Microsoft with us. With out them, where would we be today? And now that they have taken over the Mechwarrior line and are producing Mechwarrior 4 and Mechcommander, they hold an even bigger piece of our hearts. And by the way Mech4 is looking, it seem's Microsoft really knows how to give us the feeling of crushing innocent people an dominating the world. Gee... wonder where they learned that?

Rumors For: Zelda 64

Here I will be posting anyone's rumors for Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time, providing that you say please like bob did. Note: I have not tested these myself, use them at your own risk. Especially Bob's.

From "Bob" (din't leave an e-mail... how cool):

hey this is bob. I heared that if you walk up to a door and press a it will open!!!!!!!!!!! isnt that great!!!!!! bye and please try my rumour!!!!!!!!

From "Christie" (

I have a rumor thats kind of funny! Here it is. When your a kid and you go inside the one house in Kakariko Village that has the cow if you stand in a way in front of the guy it actually goes underneath Link's tunic and you can see his underwear! Also when he is an adult if you go in Lake Hylia and stand by the pillars it to goes under his tunic, but he is wearing red with white triforces and this is all true!

From "Kakarot" (

This is a more of a trick than a rumor. I can assure every fellow Zelda fan that this works. I know there are a lot of people who already know about this trick, but I also know there are a lot of people who don't. OK here it is: When you're fighting Ganondorf Gerudo-form in Ocarina of Time, sometimes he will use a multiple fireball attack that's near impossible to avoid or block, or is it? All you have to do is use a fully-charged Spin Attack. When the fireballs are close enough, release the attack. It will send all of them back in Ganondorf's direction, and he won't be able to block, leaving him vulnerable to a light arrow. Easy and simple, huh? Not to mention it's a freakin' sweet sight to see when you pull it off! Try it out! You won't be disappointed!

From "Jeff" (

I figured if we were gonna have a section like this, I just had to add a rumor that I heard in a chat room, and since I was bored with the game (I had already beaten it several times) I decided to try it out.

The rumor is that if you play through the game and never get more than three hearts, at the end it will give you the option to play the classic Zelda game that was on the NES.

So, I tried it. I went throgh the game and whenever I beat a boss, I didn't go over and get the heart, and I went straight to the glowing teleporter thingy. Man was it hard....especially the Water Temple Boss and even the battle with Ganondorf/Ganon, since he is able to kill you with one hit.

Once I finally beat the game, I waited at the end where it plays the "Scarecrow Song" in various tunes, and I waited. Then I waited longer. IT DOESN'T WORK! Just for fun, Ness also accomplished this, and it didn't work for him either, so there's proof right there.

Rumors For: Final Fantasy 7

Here's where I will be placing all the rumors I get for Final Fantasy 7. Enjoy.

From "Mike" (

hey, did you know you can "stop" ruby weapon by using "dazers." i hope this helps everyone a bit!

Update: This rumor DOES WORK. It will stop Ruby Weapon from countering with Ultima (I've tried it), but it is useless. Why, you ask? Because if you use Dazers before each summon, you can not Mime KotR, because the Dazers wear off after one summon. I would stick to the old fashioned miming, and besides, MY Cloud always seems to not get hit by Ultima.

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