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Final Fantasy 7 is Square's first PSX Final Fantasy game. This was one of the most important games in gaming history. People went crazy over this game and bought playstations just so that they could get their hands on this game. It looked so amazing when I first saw screenshots from the game for the first time. The backgrounds were so lush and amazing and I knew that this would set a new standard for RPGs. There was massive excitement for this game in the U.S. as it was released in Japan.

But us gamers had to wait. It was painful but we had to do it. Even worse; the commercial that was released for the game weeks before its release. It was the coolest videogame commercial that I had ever seen. It showed really cool FMV clips. Some were from the end, like when the highwind was crashing and Cid was struggling to reach for the emergency lever. Another part showed Cloud carefully setting Aeris in a pool of water after her death. The pain and sadness in Cloud's eyes seemed so real, that I really couldn't wait that much longer for the release of this much anticipated game.

Turns out it was everything I had hoped it would be.

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