All About Paula

Do you like my banner? You can thank Poo for it, because of my lack of skill in computers. Although I'm not the best at HTML (I might beat Ness), I mostly contribute to the site by creating artwork, which is something I think I am very good at. I was recruited by Poo after the old Paula (Stargirl_DX), was kicked off because of her short reviews. I have tried my best to draw quality artwork for the site, and hope to stay a staff member of Jeff's RPG Page. Here is what I have done:

Reviews Written: Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8.

Game Images Sections: None.

Cheat Sections: None.

Music Sections: None. =(

Flukes: Final Fantasy 7.

Original Artwork(my time to shine): Final Fantasy 7 (7 pieces), Final Fantasy 8 (2 pieces), and Zelda: OoT (1 piece).

Check out my Collage!
Expect some more artwork soon (as soon as Poo scans and uploads it).


Email me here for comments or questions!


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