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Mario is probably the best known character in the gaming industry. Why? Because a genious named Shigero Miyamoto created him. It all started back in the early '80s with an incredibly fun 2d platform game called Super Mario Bros. This was the best game ever made at the time, and was the most fun. This surprised millions of gamers worldwide, and the character "Mario" soon became Nintendo's mascot due to his popularity. Soon enough, sequels were made: Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3, Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint, Super Mario World, and a lot of Mario Game Boy games. The list goes on and on. But what is the best Mario game out there? This game: Super Mario RPG for the SNES. I'm not biased towards RPGs or anything, but this is the only Mario game that will last a long time. The story is so deep and interesting, not to mention funny. This game and Earthbound are the only RPGs that have ever made me laugh out loud. Now that really means something. This game is so funny because it sometimes pokes fun at itself for being an RPG. For example, because Mario is in an RPG, there's kind of been a rule that the main character in an RPG doesnt talk (i.e. Chrono Trigger). So Mario really wants to talk sometimes, but he has to act out what he wants to say but can't (when he acts out the bridge to Bowser's castle collapsing, it's very very funny!). Whoops, this is starting to sound like a review, so im gonna tell you about the characters and the story.

There are 5 characters that can be in your party: Mario, the hero of course; Princess Toadstool a.k.a. Peach, the damsel in distress; Bowser, evil at first but soon sees the way of being a good guy and becomes a VERY helpful ally; Geno, a brave character who was once a doll but was revived by the star power to help Mario on his mission; and lastly, a very worthy marshmallow puff named Mallow, who is very skilled and is an essential addition to your party. These are all worthy characters who will help you defeat the evil Smithy.

The story starts out very interesting. Mario goes to Bowser's castle, fights him, then leaves. A typical story so far. But soon enough he ventures to lush rendered cities and kingdoms. I do not want to say any more about this game. If you love Mario or RPGs you will be playing this game for a very long time. Have fun with this amazing game.

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