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This game is probably the most anticipated video game ever. It was a game that was definitely going to set a new standard for Action/Adventure/RPGs or whatever you classify this game as. The first screen shots of this game are probably what created such massive excitement in the U.S. It showed gorgeous graphics of Link fighting the well-known Stalfos Knight, which is probably the coolest enemy you face in the game. People drooled over the new screen shots that were posted over the internet and in gaming magazines because they knew that this game would be like no other game they have ever played. They also knew that Shigeru Miyamoto had never let down a single gamer before, and he always managed to create masterpieces. So people were forced to wait several grueling months for what was supposed to be the best game of all time. And we waited, and waited, and then waited a little longer. It was painful to look at those new screenshots of the game, and finding out that the Japanese gaming magazine "Weekly Famitsu" gave it a perfect 10 out of 10, which was the first time they have ever given a perfect score to a game. And supposedly, they are VERY strict about reviewing games. Another thing that made the game unbearable to wait for was that teaser zelda commercial. It only had about 3 seconds of footage from the game. Any sane person would have pre-ordered or bought this game. They were making us do it!!! It's like everybody in America was put under a spell. The temptation was too much to bear and the expectations for this game got very high. People could wait no longer.

Then the most anticipated video game ever arrived on stores' shelves on that fated day of November 23rd, 1998.

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