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Ahhh....Earthbound. One of my favorite RPGs of all time, and by far one of the best RPGs on the Super Nintendo. Its also one of the funniest games out there too. Now see, you wouldn't be able to tell that this is one of the best games ever made just by looking at the back of the game's box. Because when you look at those graphics, you might be turned off. But as soon as you start a new game, you just cant help but enjoy it. It has everything an RPG has to offer, including bathrooms. The story is so funny which is different than other RPGs these days. The characters are perfect for this type of game: A boy named Ness, who seems like he would be a very unlikely hero at first; a girl named Paula, who has a strong ability of praying, and also has mysterious psychokinetic powers like Ness, who eventually meets up with him; a nerd named Jeff, who seems very helpless, but whose IQ just might save your party in a heated battle; and a mysterious prince named Poo, whose will to fight and to never give up gives your party enough courage to pull through and never lose hope. Earthbound is definitely a game that should not be passed up.

Like all RPGs, as soon as you start playing, you are immediately immersed in its story line and you soon enough control Ness. In the year 199X (thanks for the correction "Sephiroth"), a strange meteor strikes the average town of Onett. Ness, being curious about the loud noise that awoke him, decides to find out what happened. His whole family was also awakened by this odd event. Ness's sister is in a panic, and his mom is even worse. Ness finally decides to leave home and find out what happened. Ness's mom encourages him to leave, but she wants Ness to bring his dog, King, for protection. So, Ness begins his journey. He eventually meets up with an odd neighbor named Pokey, and the really bad guy, Giygas. These two are key elements in the game. The game's story unfolds very nicely, and its just one of those RPGs where you have to sit back and say, "Wow, this game is cool."

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