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This game is truly a masterpiece. Just when you think that the Super Nintendo just didn't have the hardware to make a great game, Square creates this revolutionary game that set a new standard for RPGs when it was released. If you've never played this game, you haven't lived....(heh heh, inside joke) But seriously, Square has achieved something big here. It's called Chrono Trigger, and playing it is an experience you wont forget. This game has everything going for it: The best graphics on the SNES, cool sound, an amazing story line, and deep characters. The story line is quite a good one, and the way each character is introduced very well done.

The story starts out with your every day normal teenager (doesn't every RPG? :) ) named Crono, who is very excited about celebrating the new milennium (A.D.1000). So he gets out of bed, wanders over to the town square looking to celebrate, and on his way he bumps into a very pretty girl. And there we have a great character introduction right there. Naturally, he gets up, talks to her to see if she is ok, and hands back her pendant that she dropped when they both collided. She tells him that her name is Marle, and she has been looking for someone to keep her company while she is at the town square. So the two walk around, check out some of the festivities, and ultimately have a great time together. Then they walk on over to Marle's friend, who is in charge of one of the festivities. She has built a teleporter. Spectators are shocked when they see that the girl's machine actually works, and so is Marle. So Marle pushes everybody out of her way and demands to be teleported. So her friend places her in the teleporter and sets it up. She says, "Here goes nothing!" And flips a switch that will be the beginning of the chaos that Crono and his friends will have to endure. Because as soon as Marle's friend flipped that switch, Marle's Pendant that she was wearing began to glow. And Marle wasn't teleported to the other side of the town square, she was teleported 400 years in the past. Crono naturally goes after her, thus begins the journey. This game is amazing in every aspect, and RPG lovers will eat this one up.

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