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Greetings, You have stumbled across the Scrolls of the High Council Members of the Realm of Eternal Light.

Name Dice Position Guild Screen Name
Lord Jareth Steelshanks 4d93 Forum President LoC Srpntfire
Lady Mercy Steelshanks 4d90 Co Forum President LoC Mercy Darkrose
Lady Catrina Darkrose 4d91 Forum Advisor LoC CatrinaDarkrose
Lady Trinity Steelshanks 4d91 Forum Advisor LoC Tormented Spells
Sir Devil Darkrose 4d92 War Advisor LoC Darkrose Devil
OPEN *d** High Strong Hand **** -----
Lady Embyr Steelshanks 4d91 Judge LoC Forbidden Spells
Black Ash 4d90 Executioner FL Smolderin Ashes
Sir Angelious Dracon 4d89 Treasurer CoD Angelious Dracon
OPEN *d** Freelance Clerk **** -----
OPEN *d** Guild Clerk **** -----
Lady Angelique Dracon 4d81 Healer Clerk CoD Angelique Dracon
OPEN *d** Healing Validator **** -----
OPEN *d** Assassin Clerk **** -----
Lady Mercy Steelshanks 4d90 Assasssin Validator LoC Mercy Darkrose
Sir Christian Steelshanks 4d20 Theif Clerk FL Christian Spells
Sir Christian Steelshanks 4d20 Theif Validator FL Christian Spells
OPEN *d** Slaver Clerk **** -----
Lady Alexis Darkrose 4d91 Slave Validator CoD Alexis Darkrose
OPEN *d** Holy Clerk **** -----
OPEN *d** Mericale Validator **** -----
OPEN *d** Mage Clerk **** -----
OPEN *d** Magical Validator **** -----
OPEN *d** Knight Clerk **** -----
OPEN *d** DM Validator **** -----
Lady Alexis Darkrose 4d91 Head Auditor CoD Alexis Darkrose
OPEN *d** Assistant Auditor **** -----
OPEN *d** Assistant Auditor **** -----
OPEN *d** Assistant Auditor **** -----
Angelique Dracon 4d81 Enhancer Clerk CoD Angelique Dracon
Angelious Dracon 4d89 Shop Register Clerk CoD Angelious Dracon

Send a Missive to: Lord Jareth Steelshanks