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The following people have shown that they can perform the acts of Slavers, and have earned their Registration Numbers.

Name Dice Guild Reg #
Lord Jareth Steelshanks 4d93 LoC RoEL*001S
Lady Mercy Steelshanks 4d91 LoC RoEL*002S
Lady Catrina Darkrose 4d91 LoC RoEL*003S
Lady Trinity Steelshanks 4d90 LoC RoEL*004S
Sir Devil Darkrose 4d92 LoC RoEL*005S
Sir Angelious Dracon 4d89 CoD RoEL*006S
Lady Sanura Murr 4d90 FL RoEL*007S
Send a Missive to: Lord Jareth Steelshanks