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The following is a charter for the Holy Workers, or Priests and Priestess's of RoEL to follow so that their mericales will be flawless and all will be legal by RoEL Rules.

The following are rules of Holy Works, they will need to be followed exactly for Mericales to be performed legally.

  • Holy Person must be Registered in RoEL
  • Holy Person needs a Mage or Healer to give support power to perform rezz.
  • Holy Person can use 2 Enhancers and Support may use 1.
  • The following is a example for you to follow.

    Holy Man: ::Steps into the room::

    DeadGuy: ::Lays there dead and stuff::

    Holy Man: ::summons support::

    Supporter: ::Steps in being Summoned::

    Holy Man: ::acknowledges Supporter is there::

    Holy Man: (( RoEL Rezz on DeadGuy ))

    Holy Man: (( Priest: Holy Man ))

    Holy Man: (( Priest Reg: **** ))

    Holy Man: (( Priest Dice: 4d78 ))

    Holy Man: (( State Dice and Enhancer Supporter ))

    Supporter: (( 4d82, +5 Support Amulet Reg: *** ))

    Holy Man: (( DeadGuy State Mortality ))

    DeadGuy: (( 3 ))

    Holy Man: (( 30 HtR ))

    Holy Man: (( Time: 2:27 AM EST, Date: 01-30-03 ))

    Holy Man: ::begins to chant while concentrating asking support from Supporter::

    Supporter: ::Closes his eyes letting his engery flow through Holy Man's body::

    ONLINE HOST: Holy Man Rolled- 28 71

    Holy Man: ~*~ Holy Man Rolled 15 ~*~

    ONLINE HOST: Supporter Rolled- 54 43

    Holy Man: ~*~ Supporter Rolled 15 ~*~

    Supporter: (( +5 ))

    Holy Man: (( 35/30 ))

    Holy Man: (( Rezz Successful ))

    Holy Man: (( Time: 2:36 AM EST, Date: 01-30-03 ))

    Hit Chart

    2d 20
    3d 30
    4d 40

    Send a Missive to: Lord Jareth Steelshanks