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Greetings, I see you have found the place of the people of the RoEL. Well, we would all like to welcome you to our place and we wish you saftey and peace. So lay down your weapons, look around and please dont hesitate to ask any questions. Just in case, I would like to go ahead and tell the story of the Realm of Eternal Light, We are a group of people who fight for peace, like to help, and befriend those worthy of friendship. Our trust is our promise and our word is our loyalty, We wish peace, and will fight to get it. Among the people are many Strong and Couragious fighters from all across the Lands which me, Lord Jareth Steelshanks, myself has Hand Picked to Rule this Forum. In the Realm of Eternal Light, we find loyalty, and honor to be strongly shown in our members, which is why the Realm of Eternal Light will rise to meet and push the limits shown by any other Forum in the Lands. We wish for power by numbers and by strength, and we wish this so that we can bring peace to the lands.

Send a Missive to: Lord Jareth Steelshanks