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The Following People are known in the Realm of Eternal Light as Legal, and Lisenced Assassins.

Name Dice Guild Reg #
Lord Jareth Steelshanks 4d93 LoC RoEL*001A
Lady Mercy Steelshanks 4d90 LoC RoEL*002A
Lady Catrina Darkrose 4d91 LoC RoEL*003A
Lady Trinity Steelshanks 4d90 LoC RoEL*004A
Sir Devil Darkrose 4d92 LoC RoEL*005A
Sir Angelious Dracon 4d72 CoD RoEL*006A
Lady Sanura Murr 4d90 FL RoEL*007A
Lady Angelique Dracon 4d28 CoD RoEL*008A
Lil Fox 4d20 CoD RoEL*009A
Lady Belldonna D'Morte 4d20 CoD RoEL*010A
Maya Eversong Dracon 4d49 CoD RoEL*011A

Below is the Hit Chart to determine the amount of damage you must do to kill a person.

Dice Hits to Kill
d20-d49 14
d50-d69 16
d70-d89 18
d90-d99 22
d100 24
Send a Missive to: Lord Jareth Steelshanks