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The following Apply to all those wanting to be Mages

.-~*~-.The Rules.-~*~-.

  • All Mages start as a Apprentice.
  • All Mages must then be Registered in RoEL.
  • Mages have the same matches as Warriors.
  • Apprentices start out at 2 spells a day.
  • All Mage Spars, MS's, etc. must be logged for proof.
  • Mage Enhancers can be used and are available.

    Apprentice mage's must learn from a mage that has already become a mage or is considered a mage, you start off by rolling a 1d20, 1 - 9 mean your a Mage by Book, 10 - 20 mean your a Mage by Blood. After you know this, you can begin to study with your Teacher and you must learn up to 4 spells under your teacher before you can start training on your own. To learn a spell you must try to cast the spell, and then roll a 2d20, you must get atleast a 16 between the two numbers like this.

    ONLINE HOST: MagicMan rolled 10 6

    The two numbers equal 16, so the spell would have been learned. Then after you do this 4 times you may journey off on your own studying magic as you wish as long as you only study 2 spells a day. Once you have reached the Level of a Advanced Mage, you may begin to study a different kind of way, which will allow you to not only use the spells provided but make spells of your own, which must be said to be legit by the President of the Forum and the Head Mage. A Mage Duel, or Mage Mass Duel, is the same as a Spar or MS, must be logged and must have Terms set. Also, Each Mage may only take on 2 students at a time.

    Send a Missive To: Lord Jareth Steelshanks