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The following are rules of engagement.

  • Assassin must be Registered by RoEL.
  • Assassin must perform a flawless Kill.
  • Assassin must have a Contract to Kill.
  • Assassinations are limited to 4 Enhancers.
  • Only 1 Elemental may be used in a AA.
  • Assassin Must get 5 IC Line in Log.

    Assassins can kill in Private Rooms and Safe Haven's as long as a Contract is Shown, and Proof of Signature is real.

    Below is a Assassination Attempt for people that are applying for a Position as a Assassin to follow so that they can learn and be flawless as a Assassin.

    Death: ::slips in silently hidden by the shadows::

    DEAD: ::laughs and looks to the guy next to him::

    DEAD: ::nods to him::

    DEAD: ::smiles:: Pass the Peanuts?

    DEAD: ::takes them as the guy passes them his way::

    DEAD: ::eats some:: Thanks.

    Death: (( RoEL AA on DEAD ))

    Death: (( Assassin: Death ))

    Death: (( Assassin Reg: **** ))

    Death: (( Assassin Contract: **** ))

    Death: (( Assassin Dice: 4d92 ))

    Death: (( +5 Sword,Reg: **** ))

    Death: (( State Dice, Enhancers and Present BG's ))

    Death: (( 5 minutes to Respond till Auto AA ))

    DEAD: (( 4d90, none, none ))

    Death: (( 24 HtK ))

    Death: (( Roll 2d20, 2 hp needed to see Assassin ))

    ONLINE HOST: DEAD Rolled- 12 11

    Death: (( Perception Failed ))

    Death: (( Assassination Attempt will Procceed ))

    Death: (( Time: 9:38 am EST, Date: 01-28-03 ))

    Death: ::leaps from shadows stabbing DEAD::

    ONLINE HOST: Death Rolled- 91 87

    Death: ~*~ Death Rolled 31 ~*~

    Death: (( 31/24 ))

    Death: (( Assassination Attempt Successful ))

    Death: (( Time of Death: 9:42 am EST ))

    Death: (( Date of Death: 01-28-03 ))

    Death: (( Target has 48 hours after AA Validation to be Rezz'd by a Legal RoEL Holy Worker ))

    Hits to Kill Chart
    GPS HtK
    d20-d59 18
    d60-d69 20
    d70-d79 22
    d80-d89 24
    d90-d99 26
    d100 28