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Legal Procts of RoEL

The following know the rules of all matchs, and know what they are doing. If someone disagree's with a procters actions please send questions to Lord Jareth Steelshanks.

Name Dice Guild Reg #
Lord Jareth Steelshanks 4d91 LoC RoEL*001R
Lady Mercy Steelshanks 4d90 LoC RoEL*002R
Lady Catrina Darkrose 4d91 LoC RoEL*003R
Lady Trinity Steelshanks 4d90 LoC RoEL*004R
Sir Devil Darkrose 4d92 LoC RoEL*005R
OPEN *d** **** RoEL*006R
Lady Sanura Murr 4d90 LoC RoEL*007R

Send a Missive To: Lord Jareth Steelshanks