Height: 7'

Weight: 326 lbs.

Finishing move: Chokeslam

Titles held: 1x WWE Champ, 2x WWE Intercontinental Champ, 8x World Tag Team Champ, 1x WCW Tag Team Champ, 1x WWE Hardcore Champ

Manager/Valet(s): Jerry Lawler, Paul Bearer, Tori

Nicknames: The Big Red Machine.

Other aliases: Dr. Isaac Yankem, Diesel (2)

Real Name: Glen Jacobs

Glen Jacobs has been in the WWF as other characters. Jerry Lawler's dentist, Isaac Yankem and The New Diesel. But this is about Kane. It all started when Paul Bearer threatened to reveal a secret about The Undertaker's past last summer, if the Phenom didn't take him back as manager. The Undertaker took him back, but soon had a fallout with him. Paul told everyone on Raw that he used to work for the Undertaker's father in their funeral home. One day as he was coming back from his college classes he saw the funeral home ablaze, and supposedly, The Undertaker had burnt it down and had been the only survivor of his family, including his little brother Kane. When the Undertaker attacked Paul Bearer later that night, he defended himself by saying that Kane was still alive. All through the summer and fall, Bearer told us that Kane was coming.

At IYH: Badd Blood, the Taker faced Shawn Michaels in the first Hell in a Cell match. As UT was ready to tombstone Michaels the lights went out, and Kane walked in, ripping off the steel door from its hinges. He tombstoned the Undertaker, which allowed Michaels to get the win.

The next night, Kane walked in and decimated the Hardy Boys. The next week, his victim was Flash Funk. Then Dude Love. Dude changed to Mankind and challenged Kane at the Survivor Series. Kane beat Mankind after a brutal match, and continued his run-ins, and Paul Bearer said he would do so until the Undertaker agreed to fight his brother. Some of his victims included Ahmed Johnson, Crush, and Scott Taylor. At the December 29 Raw, 7 men who's careers had been altered by Kane (For the record, Scott Taylor, Flash Funk, the D.O.A., and the Headbangers) ganged up on him. Surprisingly, the Undertaker came to his rescue and helped him clean house. Paul Bearer came out next week and said he had lost Kane to the Undertaker.

DX came out a week before the Royal Rumble and claimed a new member in Kane. Instead, the Undertaker emerged and was beaten up by DX. Kane came out and rescued his brother, supposedly forming an alliance between them. At the casket match at the Royal Rumble, however, Kane turned against UT, locking him in the casket and setting it on fire. Next, he turned his attention to Vader, who he beat at IYH: No Way Out. After the match, Kane hit him in the face with a wrench, putting Vader out of action. A few weeks before WrestleMania XIV, The Undertaker returned and said he would wrestle Kane. Then the mind games started. UT appearing and disappearing in front of Kane, and Kane using lightning to light a production crew member on fire. At WM XIV, the Taker beat Kane after three tombstones, but Kane was the first ever wrestler to kick out of the Undertaker's Tombstone. Next, Kane lost to UT at IYH: Unforgiven, in an Inferno Match, due to Vader's interference. The next night, Paul Bearer revealed to the world that Kane was his son, and he and the Undertaker were only half-brothers. Kane beat Vader again at IYH: Over the Edge.

Paul Bearer welcomed Mankind back into his fold when he helped Kane beat the Undertaker on Raw to get a title shot at King of the Ring. At KOTR, in a first blood match, UT tried to hit an interfering Mankind with a chair, but struck Steve Austin, busting him open, and Kane was the new champ. He lost it to Austin the next night on Raw in a rematch, however. He accepted the loss and teamed with Mankind to defeat The New Age Outlaws to win the tag belts. Disguised as Kane, Undertaker beat Mankind on Raw for no. 1 contention for the world title. This launched ideas of a conspiracy. Were Kane and his brother in cahoots? Austin and UT beat Kane and Mankind for the tag titles at IYH: Fully Loaded, but lost it just a few weeks later to Kane and Mankind in a Four Corners match. Just before SummerSlam, he and UT revealed they were indeed in cahoots and booted Paul Bearer from their fold. He and The Undertaker each received a title shot at IYH: Breakdown, but no winner was declared because they both pinned Austin at the same time. They wrestled for the title at IYH: Judgement Day, but the ref was Steve Austin, need I say more? Paul Bearer turned against Kane by hitting him with a weak chair shot, but UT hit a better one, knocking Kane out. UT was then stunned by Austin, and he declared himself the winner, but end result: still no champion.

Kane feuded with Gangrel and The Brood briefly, but persuaded them to go bother someone else when he nearly set them on fire. He received a bye in the championship tournament at Survivor Series, losing to The Undertaker in the Quarterfinals. After helping Austin beat down UT, and stuff Paul Bearer into a sewer, as well as saving Austin from being embalmed alive by UT, the Corporation had him committed, until IYH: Rock Bottom where he helped Austin beat UT in a Buried Alive match. He showed up after the Rock/HHH match, helping the Corporation beat up DX. Vince McMahon revealed that he had released Kane from the asylum, and unless Kane continued to help him, that's where he'd go back to. Kane received a shot at Mankind for the World Title, but won by DQ when The Rock attacked him. The Rock didn't want Kane to get his title, and Shawn Michaels phoned in saying the main event of next week's Raw would be Kane vs. The Rock. Vince told The Rock to tap Kane on the chest and Kane would lay down for the pin. Instead, Kane broke ties with the Corporation, beating up the Rock. At the Royal Rumble, Kane cleaned house, but paramedics ran in with straight jackets, and Kane fled, eliminating himself. Apparently, later on he apologized to the McMahons and was back in the Corporation. After threatening to chokeslam Chyna if Triple H didn't submit in his match with the Rock, he was in a stare down with Triple H. Over the next few months, he developed somewhat of a relationship with Chyna, but when he accidentally hit her with a fireball, she sided with Triple H at WrestleMania XV, hitting Kane with a chair. Not knowing where to turn, he accepted an open challenge from Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart, with X-pac as his partner. They won the belts and defended them successfully against D'lo Brown and Mark Henry at Over the Edge.

They lost the belts two nights later to The Acolytes but qualified for the King of the Ring against Test. He beat Paul Wight in the first round, but lost to Billy Gunn in the semi finals. He and X-pac won back the tag team titles from The Acolytes, but started to have problems. X-pac seemed to want to prove himself as a legitimate heavyweight, but they ended up losing the belts to The Undertaker and The Big Show at SummerSlam. X-pac wanted Kane to stop trying to save him in his singles matches, and in a four corners match against the Acolytes at No Mercy, X-pac triumphed, finally proving himself. Shortly thereafter, DX was reformed, and X-pac turned on Kane. When women's wrestler Tori revealed that she and Kane were a couple, X-pac tormented them. At the Survivor Series, Kane beat X-pac by DQ, with interference from DX. Tori tried to save him, but X-pac accidentally spin kicked her. In the next few weeks, X-pac revealed that he wasn't above attacking a woman, as he delibirately attacked Tori and Kane numerous times. They met in a cage match at Armageddon, and Kane pulled off the win, pinning X-pac with a Tombstone. A few weeks later, Tori turned against Kane and sided with X-pac.

After the Royal Rumble, Kane set his sights on X-pac again, but X-pac beat him in a No Holds Barred Match. Kane and Rikishi beat X-pac and the Road Dogg at WrestleMania 2000. A couple of weeks later, The Big Bossman and Bull Buchanon attacked Kane, putting him on the shelf. He returned shortly before King of the Ring, against the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. He teamed with The Rock and The Undertaker to beat HHH, Vince, and Shane McMahon at King of the Ring. Soon after KOTR, Kane turned against The Undertaker, saying that he was going to unleash the monster within. They battled to a no-contest at SummerSlam. He received a title shot in a Fatal Four Way at Unforgiven, against The Rock, Undertaker, and Chris Benoit but was unsuccessful. After Chris Jericho spilled coffee on him, Kane attacked him and ignited a feud. He told everyone it wasn't about coffee, but because Jericho was like all the "pretty" people who labeled him a freak. He beat Jericho at Survivor Series, but lost a Last Man Standing rematch at Armageddon.

With the Royal Rumble coming up, tensions ran high and Kane formed another alliance with the Undertaker. He was the last man in the Rumble match before being eliminated by Steve Austin. He and the Undertaker went after the tag team titles at No Way Out but were unsuccessful. Kane got into a feud with the Big Show and Raven over the Hardcore Title. They had a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania, with Kane winning the belt. He lost it a few weeks later to Rhyno, thanks to Austin and Triple H. He and UT won the tag belts from Edge & Christian, but lost them to Austin and Triple H at Backlash. Kane won the Intercontinental belt from HHH in a Chain Match at Judgment Day. Over the next few weeks, he was targeted by Albert from X-Factor. He teamed with Spike Dudley to go after the The Dudleys and the tag team titles at King of the Ring, but was not successful. Shortly thereafter, WCW and former ECW stars ganged up on the WWF. At Invasion, Kane teamed with Jericho, Undertaker, Austin and Kurt Angle to lose to Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno and the Dudleys when Austin turned on the WWF. Kane and the Undertaker won the WCW Tag Team TItles from Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire a few weeks later, and won the WWF Tag Team Titles from DDP and Kanyon at SummerSlam. They lost the WWF title to the Dudleys a few weeks later and the WCW titles to Booker T and Test shortly after that. They beat Kronik at Unforgiven, but Kane lost to Test at No Mercy. In the winner take all match at Survivor Series, Kane teamed with the Rock, Jericho, Undertaker and Big Show to face Austin, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon. The WWF won when Angle turned out to be a double agent for the WWF. Kane teamed with the Big Show to go after the WWF Tag Team Titles, but they lost to champs the Dudleys at Vengeance.

After the Royal Rumble, Kane feuded with Kurt Angle, and lost to him at WrestleMania. When the roster split of April 2002 occurred, Kane was drafted to Ric Flair's Raw brand. He and Bradshaw took on the nWo, but Kevin Nash and X-pac took him out in an ambush, putting Kane out for months. He returned to the Raw brand in September, and stopped the UnAmericans from burning the American flag. He teamed with Bubba Ray Dudley, Booker T and Goldust at Unforgiven to beat all four UnAmericans. Kane won the tag team titles from Lance Storm and Christian with help from a mystery partner, who turned out to be the Hurricane. Kane received a shot at the World Title at No Mercy, and then won the Intercontinental Title from Chris Jericho. The match at No Mercy was made into a unification match, and Triple H started to play mind games. He called Kane a murderer, and asked him if the name Katie Vick rang a bell. Kane confessed that years ago, he got drunk at a party with his girlfriend Katie, and drove home. He got into an accident, which killed Katie. HHH mocked him continuously, and then beat him at No Mercy. Kane received another chance in the first ever Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series, against HHH, Jericho, Booker, Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels. Kane was the third man eliminated. He then lost to Batista at Armageddon.

He started teaming with Rob Van Dam, and they went afer the tag team titles. They lost to Lance Storm and William Regal at No Way Out, and looked for a rematch. However, Regal went on the DL and Chief Morely named himself and Storm the new champions. They had a match on the Heat just before WrestleMania, but the Dudley Boyz cost them the match. They had a rematch at Backlash, and the Dudleys helped them win, having been fed up with Chief Morely's policies. They both entered a battle royal to crown a new Intercontinental Champion at Judgment Day, but neither man won. Raw co-GM Steve Austin berated Kane in the summer, wondering where the monster he used to be was. In July, Kane got a shot at HHH's World Title, but lost. Due to the stipulation, he had to remove his mask. He revealed a face that was not scarred in the least, and he chokeslammed his own partner RVD out of rage. The next week, in an interview, he revealed to Jim Ross that his scars were only psychological, and ended up setting JR on fire. Kane went on a rampage, and when Linda McMahon tried to stop him, she got Tombstoned on the stage. The next week, Shane McMahon returned and laid into Kane, but got tombstoned on the steel steps. Kane faced off against RVD at SummerSlam and beat him. Then he beat Shane McMahon twice, at Unforgiven and at Survivor Series. Kane then sought a shot at Goldberg's World Title, but HHH intervened, making it a Triple Threat Match. Triple H won the title back.