Edge & Christian

Height: Edge- 6'4''. Christian- 6'1''.

Weight: Edge- 240 lbs. Christian- 215 lbs.

Finishing Move: Edge- The Buzzkiller. Christian- The Unprettier.

Titles Held: 7x Tag Team Champs*

Real Names: Edge- Adam Copeland. Christian- Jason Reso.

*Edge has also been a 2x Intercontinental Champ, and Christian has been a 1x Light Heavyweight Champ.

Edge and Christian had been teaming off and on ever since Edge brought his "brother" Christian into the Brood, led by Gangrel. Gangrel and Edge eventually broke up, and Christian chose to go with Edge over Gangrel. They feuded with The Hardy Boyz, The Acolytes and other teams throughout the summer of '99. Terri Runnels then offered $100,000 and her managerial services to the winner of a best of five tournament between Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz. The deciding match was a tag team ladder match at No Mercy, which the Hardys won. Edge and Christian teamed with the Hardys out of respect to lose to Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly, and Too Cool at Survivor Series. After participating in the Royal Rumble, they beat the Hardys at No Way Out. They went up against the Hardys and The Dudley Boyz in a Triple Threat ladder match at WrestleMania 2000 for the tag team titles. They won the titles, which brought out their cockiness. Over the next few weeks, they made open challenges and started making up new poses "for the benefit of those with flash photography." They successfully defended against DX at Backlash, but teamed with Kurt Angle to lose to Rikishi and Too Cool at Judgment Day. Too Cool soon won the tag team titles from Edge & Christian but they regained them at King of the Ring in a Four Corners elimination match, which also involved Too Cool, the Hardys, and T & A.

They lost to the Acolytes by DQ at Fully Loaded, and retained their titles at SummerSlam against the Hardys and the Dudleys in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. They lost the belts to the Hardys at Unforgiven in a cage match. Commissioner Mick Foley stated if they couldn't win the belts back the next night in a ladder match, they would receive no more title shots at the Hardys. They lost, so tried to make the Hardys lose the belts to any other team. When that failed, they went under masks as The Conquistadores, and worked their way into a title shot. After beating the Hardys at No Mercy for the belts, their plan was to dress two jobbers up as the Conquistadores and have them lay down for them in a match the next night, legitimizing their title reign. Only their henchmen, unbeknownst to them, were beaten up. The Conquistadores beat Edge & Christian and unmasked, revealing the Hardy Boyz. Mick Foley said he would allow their victory the previous night, but also allowed the Hardys' victory over them moments before. E & C teamed with The Goodfather and Bull Buchanan to lose to the Hardys and the Dudleys at Survivor Series. They won a Four Corners Match at Armageddon, beating Road Dogg & K-Kwik, The Dudleys, and the RTC to win their fourth tag title.

They lost the tag team belts to the Dudleys at Royal Rumble 2001 and failed to win them back at No Way Out in a Triple Threat Match also involving Kane and The Undertaker. The Hardys beat the Dudleys for the belts, and Edge & Christian weaseled their way into the rematch when the Dudleys' flight was late. They won the titles back with help from former ECW Champ Rhyno. However, the Dudleys managed to arrive and beat Edge & Christian in another match later on to win the belts. Edge & Christian beat the Hardys and the Dudleys in TLC II at WrestleMania X-Seven to win the belts back, once again thanks to Rhyno. They lost the belts to Kane and The Undertaker a couple of weeks later. They started having problems with Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. After beating up Jericho, he vowed to enter the Tag Team Turmoil Match at Judgment Day to get his hands on Edge & Christian. E & C helped Kurt Angle get his medals back earlier against Benoit, so Benoit teamed with Jericho and helped him win the match and the automatic title shot. Edge & Christian both decided to win the King of the Ring tournament, with Edge beating Test and Perry Saturn and Christian beating Kane and The Big Show. Christian lost in the semis to Kurt Angle, but Edge won the tournament by beating Rhyno and Angle.

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