Height: 5'10''

Weight: 215 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Unprettier

Titles Held: 3x WWE Intercontinental Champ, 9x World Tag Team Champ, 1x WWE European Champ, 1x WWE Hardcore Champ, 1x WWE Light Heavyweight Champ

Real Name: Jason Reso

Christian came to the WWF in 1998, siding with Gangrel in his feud with his brother Edge. Within a month, he had won the LHW Title from Taka Michinoku. Edge decided to join Gangrel and Christian, and the three formed the Brood. Christian lost the title a few weeks later to Gillberg, and teamed with Edge and Gangrel throughout the winter of '98-'99.

The Brood joined the Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness, but the alliance fell through after a few months. In the Spring, he and Edge gained attention with their series of matches against the Hardy Boyz. In the first PPV match between the teams, Edge and Christian lost after Gangrel accidentally cost them the match. Friction started to form between Gangrel and Edge, and Christian was torn as to which side to go. He chose his brother Edge, but Gangrel convinced the Hardys to take him on as their manager and became the New Brood. Meanwhile, valet Terri noticed what the two teams were doing and offered her managerial services and $100,000 to the team who would win a best three out of five series against the other. The fifth and deciding match took place at No Mercy '99, and though the Hardys won, the fantastic match put both teams on the map in the fans' eyes.

After the Hardys failed to take the tag team titles from the New Age Outlaws, Edge & Christian set their sights on the gold after beating the Hardys at No Way Out 2000. The Dudley Boyz won the belts at No Way Out, and a Triple Threat Ladder Match was made for WrestleMania 2000 between the Hardys, Dudleys and E & C. Edge and Christian won the gold, but the success went to their heads. They became careless about the fans and started to get goofier every passing week. They lost the belts in May to Too Cool, but regained them a few weeks later at King of the Ring. At SummerSlam, they put on another classic match with the Dudleys and Hardys in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, nicknamed TLC. E & C came out on top again, but lost the belts to the Hardys in a Cage Match at Unforgiven. The next night, they were informed by Commissioner Mick Foley that if they failed to win the rematch, they would get no more shots as long as the Hardys were champs. They lost, so went under masks posing as Los Conquistadores. They beat the Hardys at No Mercy, and paid two jobbers to don the Conquistadores masks the next night and stage a loss to them so as to legitimize their reign. The Hardys ambushed the jobbers and donned the masks, beating Edge & Christian for the gold, and Foley let the win stand. E & C won the belts back in December at Armageddon against the RTC, K-Kwik and Road Dogg and the Dudleys. They lost the belts a week later to the Undertaker & the Rock but won them back a night later.

They lost the belts again at the Royal Rumble 2001 to the Dudley Boyz. A few weeks before WrestleMania, they won the belts back from the Hardy Boyz thanks to their new friend Rhyno, but lost them later in the night back to the Dudleys. Edge and Christian won once again at WrestleMania X-Seven in TLC II for the belts, again thanks to Rhyno. After about three weeks, they lost the titles to the Undertaker and Kane. After failing to win a Tag Team Turmoil match at Judgment Day and not get their shot at the belts, they decided to go after the King of the Ring title. They both made it to the semi-finals, with Christian beating Kane, and the Big Show. However, he lost in the semis to Kurt Angle while Edge won the tournament. Jealousy grew as Christian started to carry around the KOTR trophy protectively and worsened when Edge won the Intercontinental Title from Lance Storm at SummerSlam. Christian was failing to win singles gold, but challenged the Rock for the WCW Title. He lost, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. When Edge came out to console Christian, he attacked him, giving him a one man version of their favorite move, the Conchairto. Christian reasoned that because Edge didn't come out to help him, he must be the one with the jealousy and bitterness, though Christian asked him not to interfere in the match. Christian won the IC title from Edge at Unforgiven, but lost it in a rematch a month later at No Mercy. Christian joined the WCW/ECW Alliance, and won the European Title from Bradshaw two nights after No Mercy. He put it on the line at Survivor Series against Al Snow and came out victorious. He teamed with Test to lose to Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert at Vengeance.

Christian lost the European title to Diamond Dallas Page at the end of January, and went on a losing streak. He would throw temper tantrums when things didn't go his way and Page took sympathy on him, trying to show him to control his anger. Christian accepted Page's help but turned on him as soon as Page helped him win a match. He failed to win back the title from Page at WrestleMania X-8, and was soon drafted to the Smackdown brand by Vince McMahon once the roster split took place. After getting into it with Mark Henry, he tried to help his old friend Kurt Angle take out his brother Edge. He went on a losing streak, and teamed with Lance Storm, who spoke out against the United States, saying that Canadian superstars were being unfairly treated. They took on a third member, Test, and called themselves the UnAmericans. He and Storm won the tag team titles from Edge and Hulk Hogan at Vengeance, and then accepted Raw GM Eric Bischoff's offer to come to Raw. Storm and Christian feuded with Booker T and Goldust, and beat them with help from Test at SummerSlam. They lost the titles to Kane and the Hurricane a couple of weeks later. The UnAmericans started to fall apart, and went their separate ways. Christian teamed with Chris Jericho and won back the tag team titles. They beat Booker and Goldust at No Mercy, but lost them at Armageddon in a Fatal Four Way.

Jericho and Christian failed to win the belts back, and started to go their separate ways. Christian helped Jericho in his feud against Shawn Michaels, waiting for his opportunity to shine. It came in May, when Raw Co-GM Steve Austin reinstated the Intercontinental Title and put it up for grabs in battle royal at Judgment Day. It came down to Christian and Booker T, with Booker T seemingly eliminating Christian. However, due to the ref being knocked out, Christian was able to knock Booker out with the belt and eliminate him, winning the title. He lost to Booker by DQ at Bad Blood, and lost the belt to him in a rematch a few weeks later. However, Booker soon sustained an injury and dropped the belt back to Christian at a house show. Christian was upset at Raw co-GM Steve Austin for leaving him off the SummerSlam card, and Austin responded by putting him in a triple threat match at Unforgiven against Jericho and Rob Van Dam. Christian retained the title, but lost it a week later in a ladder match to RVD. Incensed, Christian joined Eric Bischoff and Chris Jericho's campaign to rid Raw of Steve Austin and joined Bischoff's Survivor Series team with Austin's job on the line. He was eliminated by Shawn Michaels during the match, but his team won. During all this, Christian was becoming closer to Lita as Jericho was starting to become romantically involved with Trish Stratus. Christian used his Survivor Series favor from Eric Bischoff to keep Lita from being fired, and defended her honor against her former boyfriend Matt Hardy. However, cameras caught up with Jericho and Christian, who revealed the whole thing as a bet to see who could nail their lady first. Trish overheard them and she and Lita embarassed them the next week when they tried to cover their asses. Christian demanded that Bischoff do something and he made a battle of the sexes tag match at Armageddon. Christian and Jericho beat Trish and Lita, and the same result happened in a rematch the next night, though Jericho seemed legitimately remorseful about the whole thing. He kept Christian from pummeling Trish, which enraged Christian to the point that he came out after Jericho's match with Kane and shoved him down to the mat instead of helping his friend up.