The Alternate Badfinger Discography!!
Please note that this is not the real Badfinger discography. These are just speculations about how the various albums might have been. Based on the many suggestions for an "Ultimate Badfinger Collection" I have exchanged songs on the albums, so that the most appreciated recordings/songs would be represented. Donīt take it too seriously, as it is only meant for your entertaintment. If it can cause a positive debate about Badfinger and their music, of course that would be great.

I know that a perfect album like "Wish You Were Here" ought not be touched upon. I have done anyway, well aware that this alternate running order + one additional track probably wonīt make it a better album. I have made these "new" albums for my own pleasure, and I must say that I feel that especially "No Dice" , "Ass" and my own "invention" "Back on the Airwaves No More" come out as very strong albums.

I have chosen to leave out a "Magic Christian Music" album as half of the songs had already been released on the Iveys album. The songs recorded after Ron Griffiths had left ( except "Come and Get It" ) have the "Badfinger-feel" that most Iveys recordings lack. These late 1969 recordings might just as well have been used for "No Dice"

I have chosen 12 tracks as standard; except for "Maybe Tomorrow" as many of the Iveys recordings are relatively short. I have used the tracklisting for "Straight Up" as a model for best possible running order. Most popular songs on positions 2, 9, 6 and 1. The long tracks are often put as last songs on either "side 1" or "side 2". Anyway here they are:

Alternate Badfinger Albums
Maybe Tomorrow No Dice Straight Up
Ass For Love or Money Wish You Were Here
Head First No More Back on the Airwaves Great Lost Outtakes

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