The Great Lost Badfinger

This would be a possible rarities album, as a supplement to the alternate Badfinger catalogue

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time:
1: Walk Out in The Rain (Ham) Pete 3.27
2: Blodwyn (Ham) Pete 3.24
3: Better Days (Molland/Evans) Joey 3.59
4: It Had to Be (Gibbins) Pete 2.27
5: Love Me Do (Molland) Joey 2.57
6: No Good At All (Evans) Tom 2.07
7: Regular (Molland) Joey 2.50
8: Island (Molland) Joey 3.40
9: Andy Norris (Molland/Molland) Joey 2.59
10: I Got You (Molland) Joey 3.49
11: Passin' Time (Molland) Joey 3.33
12: Three Time Loser (Molland) Joey 3.31
13: No More (Molland) Joey 4.42

My comments:

Total Playing Time: 43.25

These are the songs that only nearly made it to the albums. This time the songs come chronologically which is often works best for compilations. Seems like this would have made quite a decent album, for an "outtakes collection"

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