Wish You Were Here

- First released in 1974, on Warner Brothers - WB K56088 (UK) / WB 2827 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1: Just A Chance (Ham) Pete 2.58
2: You're So Fine (Gibbins) Pete and Joey 3.03
3: It Doesn't Really Matter (Ham) Pete 2.59
4: Got To Get Out Of Here (Molland) Joey 3.30
5: Know One Knows (Ham) Pete 3.17
6: Dennis (Ham) Pete 5.15
7: In The Meantime (Gibbins) Mike 3.08
8: Some Other Time (Molland) Joey 3.37
9: Love Time (Molland) Joey 2.20
10: King Of The Load (Evans) Tom 3.31
11: Meanwhile Back At The Ranch (Ham) Pete 2.39
12: Should I Smoke (Molland) Joey 2.38

My comments:

Total Playing Time: 38.55

Only one change here. Pete Ham's beautiful "It Doesn't Really Matter" which was written during this period of time has been added on side one. It's a favourite among many fans and a shame that the band never came to record it. I'm sure the guys with producer Chris Thomas would have been able to make this song a highlight on the album; maybe even a come-back hit record. Of course you'll have to ignore the two acoustic demo versions and think the song into the sound they developed with Thomas. Even though the songs on "Wish You Were Here" differ a lot in style and mood they make a great album together, and I'm sure "It Doesn't Really Matter" could have been a great addition.

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