- Imagined to be released in 1972, on Apple Records.Apple SAPCOR 27 (UK) / SW 3411 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1: Blind Owl (Evans) Tom 3.00
2: Apple of My Eye (Ham) Pete 3.06
3: Sometimes (Molland) Joey 2.51
4: Do You Mind (Molland) Joey 3.15
5: Baby Please (Ham/Molland/Gibbins) Pete 3.02
6: Timeless (Ham) Pete 7.39
7: Name of the Game (single) (Ham) Pete 4.24
8: Icicles (Molland) Joey 2.32
9: When I Say (Evans) Tom 3.05
10: Get Away (Molland) Joey 3.59
11: I Can Love You (Molland) Joey 3.33
12: Flying (Molland/Evans) Joey 2.35

My comments:

Total Playing Time: 43.01

I think there can be no question that these changes make "Ass" a much better album. The single version of "Name of the Game" might have been a hit-record had it been released at the right time. This version os so much different from the version on "Straight Up", that itīs no problem that the song has been previously released; on the contrary. This might have been the hit song that could have secured "Ass" commercial success. The extended playing time with two more songs also helps the album. The 2 left-overs from "Straight Up" + another great outtake "Baby Please" replace weaker songs on the actual album.