Maybe Tomorrow

( The Iveys ) - Imagined to be released in 1969, on Apple Records.AppleSAPCOR8(EU)/ST3355(US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Makes Me Feel Good (Ham) Pete 1.47
2:Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) Tom 2.52
3:Sali Bloo (Ham) Ron 2.35
4: Fisherman (Evans) Mike and Tom 3.09
5: And Her Daddy's a Millionaire (Ham/Evans) Tom 2.08
6: They're Knocking Down Our Home (Ham) Pete 3.41
7: See Saw Granpa (Ham) Pete 3.33
8: Beautiful and Blue (Evans) Tom 2.38
9: Dear Angie (Griffiths) Ron 2.39
10: She Came Out of The Cold (Ham/Evans) Tom 2.39
11: Catherine Cares (Ham) Pete 3.02
12: Hurry On Father (Ham) Pete 1.37
13: I've Been Waiting (Ham) Pete 5.15
14: Dawn (Ham) Pete 3.16

My comments:

Total running time : 40.51

Most of the weakest songs have been replaced by either Pete Ham songs from that period or other Iveys recordings. The four Pete Ham demo songs are among the most popular on "7 Park Avenue" and "Golders Green". Obviously they should have been recorded by The Iveys to get their places here. "Makes Me Feel Good" is the perfect opener for the album, and a potential hit-record. Of course "She Came Out of the Cold" would need a re-recoding, too

There is no doubt that this album is stronger than the one that was actually released; but if that's enough to make it a real strong album, I'm not sure. Maybe the big variety in styles, means that it lacks clear direction;

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