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Session one (Book One)

Act One - The Summoning

Scene One - Arrival

Transylvania - 1198
A disparate group of vampires recieve missives from their sires and from Count Radu of Bistria, asking them to come to Buda-Pest on the 15th of April. These vampires include: Jafar, a Vizier from Alamut; Malik Darvas, a local sorcerer; Pavel Jova Ivanovitch, a roaming Gypsy of ill repute; Qa'lon ibn Fatir, a demon hunter from a dying clan; Sebastian, a student of death and the beyond; Teresa Moncada, a Spanish noblewoman with powerful friends; and Verdo, an fiendish craftsman of flesh and bone.
These creatures all complied willingly, knowing that a good word from the higher echelons of unlife could go far in making their fortunes. They traveled in the company of a servant of Radu, and were taken to Buda-Pest for their meeting.
This motley crew arrives at Buda-Pest on April 15th, sometime around 7:00 PM, and enters the town of Pest just before the gates are closed for the night.
Wanting to make good time, they passed quickly through the outer sections of Pest,going by the slave markets in the progress. Passing a small, late-operating slave auction, a young vampire catches the eye of some. He sits, watching impatiently.
As they pass the slave auction, Mikhail, a strange vampire of unknown lineage, hails them, identifying himself as an agent of Radu. He offers to lead them the rest of the way to the meeting.
After passing the auction, and a young woman escapes, asking for them to save her. Mikhail takes her under his protection. Roland, the young vampire whom they noticed earlier, tries to bluff his way into getting the girl, but is rebuffed by the group, so he trails them while Obfuscated, trying to find a way to take her from them.

Scene Two - Conversations With a Madman

Our mongrel group meets Octavio, the prophet of Kupala, and spouts word of prophecy to them. They impress him by paying exceptional attention to his prophecies and warnings, and Jafar divines from the stars that Octavio is absolutely correct, and the group takes special care to record his prophecies. Impressed by their attention and belief, Octavio does not set the crowd on them, but instead leaves.
Shortly after, Roland botches an attempt at sneaking, is discovered by the characters, and falls on his ass in front of them. He is captured by Joe, Awed by Kara, and questioned by everyone, then released. He intends to inform Nova Arpad and Bulscu of what little he know of Our Heroes' actions.

Scene Three - The Patron's Request

Hadel, a servant of Count Radu, meets them at the stocks in the center square of Buda, and leads them into the labyrinth below the city.
There, they meet their sires (or current patrons) and Count Radu of Bistria, who will be their new benefactor. Terese Moncada offers the apologies of Ambrosio Luis Moncada, her current patron, as event in Spain kept him from attending. In recompense, she offers Radu a cask of Blood Wine and a promise of a game of chess.
Radu outlines the situation with the Turkish armies, and asks Our Heroes to build a fortress in the Tihuta pass (For History and Literature buffs, the Tihuta Pass will later be renamed Birkau Pass, and that name will be bastardized to Borgo Pass). He will provide them with Librum, building materials, and ghouls (6 guards). He also asks that they provide him with copies of any historical documents stored in the old tower that used to protect the pass. He makes it abundantly clear that success in this endeavor will mean that their future standing is assured.
Radu invites Our Heroes to refresh themselves on prepared vessels, providing for the tastes of the individuals at hand, and Jafar proceeds immediately to get his vessel completely and totally stoned so that he may drink.
Radu retires, leaving the group with their sires. These same sires turn the tables, making it blatantly clear that failure will bring severe consequences, not the least of which will be disfavor and ostracizement.
After a brainstorming session, the group retires for the day, and then begins their journey at the next dusk.

Scene Four - On the Road

It takes three weeks for the journey, and during this time, the group is sharing knowledge and skills, and getting to know one another.
After a couple of weeks, they reach the village of Klausenburg, in the domain of Mitru the Hunter. It is about two hours from dawn. There, they recieve a rude reception, and the innkeeper tells them that the inn is full (obviously false), and that they must travel to the next town.
The characters continue, and are ambushed shortly down the road by Mitru, Wulfar, and six ghouls. It's a slaughter (literally) of the ghouls and the Gangrel. Pavel diablerizes Wulfar, and Jafar does the same to Mitru, destroying the two Gangrel that could have been their second worst antagonists, and pissing off the Gangrel that will be their worst antagonist, all in one blow.

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