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Prophecies of Gehenna

The prophecies are listed in order of discovery, with their source as the header. In parenthesis is the Book, Act, and Scene in which these prophecies were revealed. Information set upon a written medium is in the ancient language of the Antediluvians unless otherwise noted.

Octavio (Book One, Act One, Scene Two)

Stand, O children, whose shoulders bear the burden of redemption!
Long have my eyes sought beyond to that which has been and will be. He rises and all must be ready! Soon you shall meet with one whose plans lead you into the heart of terror and exultation. Rejoice, for you shall witness all. You play a grand part in what comes. Ah! The sweet heart's blood, let it wash away the sin. Eight signs of the coming nights shine within my vision. I see you within each. Though nothing is ever prevented, yet it might be transformed by the actions of a few. Go now, my children, and remember my words when the patterning is asked of you. Zolot lies, flee his visions! Prosper and we shall meet again.

Anatole (Book One, Act One, Scene Six)

Blessed art those who come in glory to the place of revelations. Welcome, fellows; I am Anatole, seeker after that which was lost and which will come again into the hands of the chosen agents of God. Your coming is the sign that I have long awaited. The field is fallow, awaiting those who will search for the seed of wisdom buried deep within its hidden places. We must make all speed, for the time is coming when all will have need of words of cousel. Together we shall mark the signposts for the road to salvation.

Thirteen Clay Tablets (Book One, Act One, Scene Six)

...Thus, I have set down my true visions that I may remember and keep to the path I have chosen. Only I of us all shall know the truth and this shall be my shield and spear. Most exalted shall I be in the time of the Final Days. Even the Father shall quail before my might. Let the lesser ones war one upon the other, each hearkening to the omens that I have foreseen. Fools, all! By my guile, they know not the actual signs, but merely shadows of those things that shall be.
Let the world tremble when I come in my might and majesty, for I shall rule above our Father, above the Mother who gave succor to our Father, above the children of Seth, yea, even above God himself. Let the reign of blood commence.

A Transcript from the Book of Kupala (Book One, Act Two, Scene One)

... Svarog, Byelobog and chief among them, the demon-god Kupala. whose offspring infuse the very soil with madness. His dark heart ripped asunder, the demon is said to rest beneath the Carpathians, haunting the lands and spreading his corruption to all who touch upon his dread demesne. It is whispered that the demon sleeps, gaining strength, to rise up in terrible wrath when at last he awakens. His burning malice is seen in the creation of a legendary blood-red bloom known as the sacred fire-flower of Kupala. With it, sorcerers may bind or loose demons. The cult dedicated to this abhorrent spirit gifts the demon with sacrifices, slaying babies for their pure and innocent blood, which the demon consumes. Thus fortified, Kupala's corruption spreads ever farther, trailing lunacy in it's wake. The quaking of the earth, the foul rains and lightnings that destroy crop and homes, great windstorms that tear the fields and forests asunder, all these speak with the demon's voice. May God grant that we discover...

A Short Prophecy by Anatole (Book One, Act Three, Scene One)

God has not forgotten you. He has placed the mark of destiny upon you. Prepare your souls, for the time of testing and tribulation is at hand.

The Pectoral recovered for Nova Arpad (Book One, Act Three, Scene Four)

I have found the key to power. It lies in surrender. Thus shall my naem be forgotten or revered by my brethren. From within my own destruction, I shall fasten my gaze upon those who would seek my exalted destiny for themselves. Lo, let them be wary, for I have seen the unfolding of fate. I shall come again when my time is nigh.

The Prophet Speaks Again (Book One, Act Three, Scene Six)

Ave, militates! Hear now these words, for on them rests the balance of times to come. Lo, I beheld a great upheavel among the sons of the firstborn of Adam. Beneath their feet opened a great chasm. Upon its lip they stood, poised to fall. Opposite them stood the generations, angry and resentful.
Thus, it is given to me to speak this warning unto you, O keepers of the balance and bearers of the signs of the last days! And the childer shall be divided, brother against brother, hands raised against one another, even as Caine himself once slew his kin. The lesser shall become greater and the great shall fall in a whirlwind of blood. One of the eldest has gone down into the pit, never to return. Another awaits doom at the kiss of his ungrateful childer.
Arise now, and go forth, all ye who hear my words.


(whispering...) The Lord of Fiends stands upon the edge of destruction. Whether or not he meets that end lies within your province. You possess the knowledge, hidden among your stores, of his resting place. One will come in supplication to you asking for what you have. Be wary of how you respond to his pleas for help. Be wise in your choices.

The Dragon Returns (Book Two, Act Two, Scene One)

Lo! The Dragon returns, wreathed in blood, and after him, a raging torrent of flames and destruction follow. The earth cannot hold him, nor the fires of the sun contain his fury. Darkness claims all who challenge the Dragon's will. From the eastern mountains his anger rises; a tide of woe drowns the faithful of Byzantium as the ravages of war bring the old cycle to an end.
Too much carnage! Beware the field of blood. Let the young bow before the old lest the Dragon consume them all in disarray!

The Prophecy of Unmada (Book Two, Act Two, Scene Four)

I foresee a rain of blood and fire that consumes us all if we do not unite. My clan, the Children of Malkav, shall perish utterly if we do not make common cause with those who seek to end senseless warfare and destruction. We must overcome our blind, unreasoning hatred for those different from ourselves and accept our childer back into our hearts, lest we destroy them and destroy ourselves by our unthinking cruelty to our younger brethren.

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