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Koldun Malik Darvas, Voivode of Schaasburg

Player: Joshua Knowles
Clan: Tzimisce
Nature: Innovator
Demeanor: Rogue
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1173
Apparent Age: 25
Physical: Strength 1, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 3
Talents: Alertness 4, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Empathy 3
Skills: Stealth 3, Survival 3
Knowledges: Academics 3, Investigation 3, Linguistics 4, Occult 3, Politics 1, Science 1
Disciplines: Auspex 2, Koldunic Sorcery 4, Obfuscate 1, Presence 1
Koldunic Paths: Spirit 1, Earth 4, Wind 3, Fire 2
Rites: Hospitality (level 1), Ward Vs. Ghouls (level 2)
Backgrounds: Generation 2, Retainer 2 (Seneschal, Bodyguard), Contacts 1, Resources 4
Merits/Flaws: Haunted, 3 pt. Flaw; Demon Hounded, 4 pt. Flaw
Virtues: Conscience/Conviction 2, Self-Control/Instinct 3, Courage 5
Road: Chivalry 5
Willpower: 10
Maximum Blood Pool: 14
Maximum Per Turn: 2
Maximum Trait Rating: 5

Discipline Abilities

Auspex 1 - Heightened Senses
Effect: sharpens all five senses. may cause short, obscure flashes of empathy or odd premonitions. sudden or strong stimuli (thunderclap, flare of light, etc.) may render the related sense unusable for one hour (blind, deaf, etc.)
System: no cost to activate. if necessary, the storyteller rolls your unmodified Auspex rating against a variable difficulty (usually 6 to 9) to determine if you sense something especially low-key. (recommended is diff 6 for blood laced with poison, diff 9 to sense something in the next country).

Auspex 2 - Soulsight
Effect: With this power, you may read the aura of your target. This may allow you to determine your target's emotional state, breed (vampire, werewolf, etc.). As the emotional state of your target changes, his aura will ripple and change, as well.
System: The Storyteller rolls Perception + Empathy (diff 8). Each success indicates how much of the aura may be seen, while a botch indicates an incorrect interpretation.
1 successpale or bright only
2 successescolor
3 successespattern
4 successessubtle shifts
5 successesmixtures of color and pattern

Obfuscate 1 - Cloak of Shadows
Effect: You may warp nearby shadows to cover your presence. As long as large shadows or object that you can hide behind are present, you may remain hidden. Once concealed, you must remain silent and stand still. Any action on your part, or close personal inspection of the area in which you are hiding, will reveal you.
System: As long as the criteria above are fulfilled, no roll or cost is necessary. So long as you remain silent and still, no one but a vampire with a high Auspex rating may see you.

Presence 1 - Awe
Effect: Cause an immediate and intense attraction to yourself, puts subjects in a mood to agree with you.
System: Charisma + Acting (difficulty 7). One Willpower may be spent by the subjects every few minutes to resist the effect, and as soon as a number of Willpower points equal to the number of successes rolled is spent, the Awe effect is shaken off. The number of successes determines how many people are affected by this power.
1 suc.1 person
2 suc.2 people
3 suc.6 people
4 suc.20 people
5 suc.everyone in the immediate vicinity

Koldunic Sorcery
All Sorcery Paths require that 1 Willpower point be spent, then the appropriate Attribute + Koldunism roll be made (difficulty 4 + the level of the power). The standard Attributes used are listed with their appropriate Path.

The Way of Spirit
When you employ these powers, no outward physical change is shown. The associated ability for The Way of Spirit is Charisma.
Effect: The usage for the Way of Spirit is different from the other Koldunic Paths. Using this Path creates a bond between yourself and the land, giving you insight and minor control over your surroundings. You may invoke other Koldunic Paths "through" your perception using The Way of Spirit.
System: Spend one Willpower point, then roll Charisma + Koldunism to activate the powers of this way. These powers last for one scene per success the player scores on his activation roll. The distance of perception is determined by your rating in The Way of Spirit.
You may invoke other Koldunic Paths through the perception granted by this power, but only at a level lesser than or equal to your skill in The Way of Spirit.

The Way of Spirit 1
Effect: Perception is granted within a 50 foot radius. Koldunic Paths up to level one may be extended through this radius.

The Way of Earth
When you employ these powers, your eyes change color to walnut brown and your skin ripples with patches of stone. The standard attribute rolled for The Way of Earth is Stamina.

The Way of Earth 1 - Soil Silhouette
Effect: You can command dirt to rise from the ground and crawl up the legs of an individual. Once it passes above someone's knees, they are rendered immobile.
System: Success causes the dirt within a 100' radius to crawl up an individual's legs. The dirt stops about halfway between the victim's knees and hips. Unless the subject can score five successes of a Strength + Survival roll (diff 6), he remains trapped, but still able to move his upper body, for a number of turns equal to twice the successes scored on the activation roll.

The Way of Earth 2 - Unearthly Stamina
Effect: You can borrow the resilience of the earth, and use it to increase your stamina.
System: Spend 1 Willpower point, then roll Stamina + Koldunism (diff 6). With success, you may add two temporary Stamina dice when soaking damage. These dice may be included when soaking aggravated damage.

The Way of Earth 3 - Soil of Death
Effect: Roots rise from the ground and drag the target below the earth. Mortals will have difficulty breathing.
System: For every success on a Stamina + Koldunism roll (diff 7), the victim remains trapped for one turn. Mortals and Ghouls must make a Stamina roll (diff 7) or take one level of lethal damage per turn entombed.

The Way of Earth 4 - Root of Vitality
Effect: This power allows you to draw any person into the ground, up to their neck, to heal grevious wounds.
System: Spend one Willpower. The target is drawn into the ground, and heals one Health Level of bashing or lethal damage per turn. If the subject suffers from aggravated wounds, they must spend one Blood Point per aggravated wound to be healed. During the time underground, the subject is helpless and unable to perform any actions other than spending blood to heal.

The Way of Wind
When you employ these powers, your eyes change color to sky blue and gusts of wind breeze all around you. The standard attribute rolled for the Way of Wind is Perception.

The Way of Wind 1 - Winds of Guilt
Effect: You may invoke mystical winds to plague your victim. These winds whisper of the target's most evil deeds, warning them of the consequences of inciting your wrath.
System: roll Perception + Koldunism (diff 5) to invoke the winds. For the duration of this power, the target loses 2 dots of Courage when in your presence. Additional successes increase the duration.
11 scene
21 night
31 week
42 weeks
51 month

The Way of Wind 2 - Biting Winds
Effect: You may cause a very cold breeze to blow around your target. As the wind increases in speed, the temperature drops, and soon becomes unbearable.
System: Spend one Willpower, then roll Perception + Koldunism (diff 6). When the power takes effect, a cool breeze blows in a 100 yard radius. Little by little, the winds blow faster and colder, continuing until the chill is difficult for anyone to tolerate. Those within the area lose two dice from their Dexterity pools and are reduced to half movement, and take one die of bashing damage from the extreme cold. Anyone entering the area must spend a Willpower point, and suffer the same damage.

The Way of Wind 3 - Winds of Lethargy
Effect: Prolonged exposure to this supernatural gale causes extreme exhaustion and fatigue. Targets caught within the effect smell a bittersweet smoke in the air, and feel as though the wind is rubbing their muscles into relaxation.
System: Spend one Willpower, then roll Perception + Koldunism (diff 7). Success creates a wind that induces lathargy in a 200 foot radius, remaining for two turns per success rolled. Those caught in the area must roll Stamina + Survival (diff 8). Failure reduces their dice pools and their movement by one half.

The Way of Fire
When these powers are invoked, your eyes glow a feverish orange. The standard roll for the Way of Fire is Manipulation. Cainites observing these powers may be overtaken by Rotschreck (excepting yourself, of course).

The Way of Fire 1 - Shatter
Effect: You may increase the air temperature around an object until that object combusts.
System: Spend a Willpower point and roll Manipulation + Koldunism (diff 5). You must have a target object in sight to cause it to Shatter. Once invoked, the heat around the object intensifies until the object spontaneously combusts. A soak roll is made for the object to see if it does Shatter (from three to seven dice, depending on size and quality. Anything the size of a carriage or larger cannot Shatter). The object must accumulate five successes over three soak roll or it will Shatter. This power cannot be used on living beings or vampires.

The Way of Fire 2 - Rouse the Molten Rock
Effect: You may cause enough magma to fill a bathtub to ooze from the earth's crust. Although there is little magma present, it can eventually destroy anything it touches.
System: Each success on a Manipulation + Koldunism roll keeps the lava superheated for one turn. Anyone in contact with the magma suffers three dice of aggravated damage per turn. You may cause the magma to ooze along the ground at a molasses-slow rate with concentration. When the duration of this power expires, the magma instantly hardens into volcanic rock.


Roll Intelligence + Occult (diff 4 + the level of the ritual, maximum 9). One Blood Point must be spilled per level of the ritual, but that blood may come from any source. Casting rituals takes five minutes per level, unless otherwise noted.

Level One

Hospitality This ritual must be enacted each night that you wish it to be in effect. It allows you to awaken the spirits in your home, which will assume sentience and distinct personalities over time. These spirits may talk, and the spirits of doors, windows, and the like may be commanded to open or close. You may order any house spirit to silence, and they will generally be servile and obsequious. However, if ill treated, they may fail to warn you of intruders in your domain (which is the spell's primary function).

Level Two

Ward vs. Ghouls By invoking this ritual, you create a glyph that inflicts great pain to any ghouls who come into contact with it. One point worth of blood (in addition to the two spent to activate the ritual) must be poured over the object that you wish to ward, and you must recite an incantation. After ten hours, the ward is complete. Ghouls who touch the warded object suffer three dice of lethal damage for each touch, and must spend a point of Willpower to touch the object again. This ritual only wards one object, but can be placed on an arrow (which will stick in the victim, continuing to do damage) or doorway (which will cause damage to any ghoul who tries to pass through). This ward may be altered to exclude any ghoul who is present at the casting.

Level Three

Haven't decided yet.

Level Four

Haven't decided yet.

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