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The Coterie

JafarTad McDivittAn Assamite Vizier
Malik DarvasJoshua KnowlesA Tzimisce Koldunist
MikhailJoseph BraunA Kiasyd scholar
Pavel Jova IvanovichRitchie RobertsA Ravnos thief
Qa'lon ibn FatirJames ?A Salubri demon hunter
SebastianRowdyA Cappadocian monk
Teresa MonšadaKara ElkinsA Lasombra noblewoman
VerdoSean LaffertyA Tzimisce fleshcrafter

Cast of Prominent Characters (In order of appearance)

NameClanConceptPresent state
SherazinaMortalAn unlikely slaveAlive
RolandVentrueA lackey of Bulscu and Nova ArpadUndead
OctavioMalkavianThe prophet of KupalaUndead
Count Radu of BistriaTzimisceVoivode of BistritzUndead
Mitru the HunterGangrelChilde of ArnulfDiablerized by Jafar
WulfarGangrelChilde of MitruDiablerized by Pavel
Myca VykosTzimisceStrange benefactor?...Undead
Adolph (and others)TremereResearchersDiablerized (all)
NineFree GargoyleThe 9th Gargoyle ever, the 1st with free willUndead
AnatoleMalkavianProphet of GodUndead
LucitaLasombraProtector of AnatoleUndead
ZeliosNosferatuMaster MasonUndead
Templars (various)MortalArtifact ProtectorsAlive, but banished
GoratrixTremereRebellious WizardUndead (so far...)
TremereAntediluvianAll-powerful WizardUndead
EtriusTremereStruggling MoralistUndead
Dragomir BasarabTzimisceTreacherous ChildeUndead (and sane... sort of)

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