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Father Sebastian, Bishop of Bistria

Player: Rowdy
Clan: Cappadocian
Nature: Penitent
Demeanor: Survivor
Generation: 8th
Embrace: 898
Apparent Age: 45
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 4, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Dodge 2, Empathy 2, Intimidation 1, Subterfuge 1
Skills: Animal Ken 1, Etiquette 1, Herbalism 2, Melee 2, Music 1, Ride 1, Survival 1
Knowledges: Academics 2, Hearth Wisdom 2, Linguistics 4, Lore (Gehenna) 2, Medicine 2, Occult 4, Thanatology 2
Disciplines: Auspex 3, Dominate 1, Fortitude 2, Mortis 5, Necromancy 2, Obfuscate 1, Protean 3, Necromancy/Thaumaturgy 3
Necromancy/Thaumaturgy Paths: Ash Path 3, Spirit 2, Shadow World 2
Rituals: Scribe, Call of the Hungry Dead, Whispers of the Ghost,
Numina: True Faith 3
Backgrounds: Generation 2, Herd 1, Resources 2, Age 2
Merits/Flaws: True Faith, 7 pt. Merit; Dark Fate, 5 pt. Flaw; Religious Prohibition (animals), 2 pt. Flaw
Virtues: Conscience/Conviction 4, Self-Control/Instinct 3, Courage 5
Road: Bones 8
Willpower: 10
Maximum Blood Pool: 15
Maximum Per Turn: 3
Maximum Trait Rating: 5

Discipline Effects:

Auspex 1 - Heightened Senses
Effect: sharpens all five senses. may cause short, obscure flashes of empathy or odd premonitions. sudden or strong stimuli (thunderclap, flare of light, etc.) may render the related sense unusable for one hour (blind, deaf, etc.)
System: no cost to activate. if necessary, the storyteller rolls your unmodified Auspex rating against a variable difficulty (usually 6 to 9) to determine if you sense something especially low-key. (recommended is diff 6 for blood laced with poison, diff 9 to sense something in the next country).

Auspex 2 - Soulsight
Effect: With this power, you may read the aura of your target. This may allow you to determine your target's emotional state, breed (vampire, werewolf, etc.). As the emotional state of your target changes, his aura will ripple and change, as well.
System: The Storyteller rolls Perception + Empathy (diff 8). Each success indicates how much of the aura may be seen, while a botch indicates an incorrect interpretation.
1 successpale or bright only
2 successescolor
3 successespattern
4 successessubtle shifts
5 successesmixtures of color and pattern

Auspex 3 - The Spirit's Touch
Effect: You may read the traces of essence left on an object by it's previous owners.
System: Make a Perception + Empathy roll (diff dependent on age of impressions and spiritual strength of previous owner). Each success offer one piece of information, while five successes will offer a wealth of information.

Dominate 1 - Observance of the Spoken Word
Effect: State a one-word command (the command may be part of a sentence, but must be strongly stressed in this case). The subject must obey this command if the roll is successful.
System: Roll Manipulation + Intimidation (difficult is the target's Willpower). Extra successes indicate that the command is followed with greater vigor.

Fortitude 2
Effect: Your Fortitude allows you to soak damage from sunlight and fire. Each level of Fortitude gives you one additional soak die when soaking any wounds.
System: simply add Fortitude to Stamina for the purposes of soaking wounds. Only a character with Fortitude may soak sunlight or fire.

Mortis 1 - Masque of Death
Effect: The subject of this power assumes a visage of death. Fleash tightens and pales, joints grow stiff, etc. May be used to hide as a corpse, or to curse someone with the appearance of a zombie.
System: To use this power on yourself, simply spend a Blood Point. To use it on someone else, you must first touch the victim, then spend a Blood Point and roll Stamina + Medicine (diff opponent's Stamina + 3). The effects last until the next dawn or dusk. Characters under the influence of this power subtract 2 dots from their Dexterity and Appearance (minimum of 1). A vampire so afflicted may spend two Blood Points to remove the effects.

Mortis 2 - Blight
Effect: This power causes rapid aging on the target. Skin will become pallid and thin, bones become brittle, and advanced arthritis may set in.
System: You must first touch your opponent, then make a Manipulation + Medicine roll (diff the opponent's Willpower) and spend one point of Willpower. The subject will instantly age (even if a Cainite), subtracting three from all Physical Attributes, to a minimum of 1. A mortal under the effects of this power must make a Stamina roll (diff 6) for every round of strenous activity, or suffer a heart attack. The effects of this power last until the following dawn or dusk.

Mortis 3 - Awaken
Effect: You may awaken yourself or another vampire from torpor.
System: Spend two Willpower points, then roll permanent Willpower (diff is 10 - the target's Via) If attempting to awaken another vampire, you must touch the target. If the subject of this power was driven into torpor from Blood Loss, he will awaken with one Blood Point.

Mortis 4 - Death's Whisper
Effect: This power renders you temporarily immune to any of the traditional banes of vampires (sunlight, holy water, etc.); however, your body becomes a corpse. If you are staked through the heart while this power is in effect, you will be paralyzed when the power wears off. For the duration of this power, you are truly and completely dead. No skills, Disciplines, etc. may be used, and you are unaware of anything that occurs around you.
System: There is no cost to activate this power, however, two Blood Points must be spent to awaken. While in this state, no action, whether Mental or Physical, may be taken, save for spending the Blood to awaken.

Mortis 5 - Black Death
Effect: By touch alone, you may cause a victim to die before their time (or a vampire to enter torpor). The victim, if mortal, will apparently contract a virulent form of the plague, expiring within one day. Cainite victims will enter torpor immediately.
System: You must touch the intended victim, then roll Stamina + Occult (diff target's Willpower) and spend 2 Willpower points. Success indicates the power takes hold as described above.

Necromancy 1 - The Tragedy Revealed
Effect: By holding the skull or brain of a recently deceased individual, you may gain a vision of the last thing that person saw.
System: Hold the skull or brain in your hands, then roll Perception + Occult (diff 8, diff 10 if the subject has been dead for more than a fortnight). This power will not work if the subject had attained Golconda. Clarity depends on the number of successes rolled. A botch garners false information.
1 successA hazy sense of how the subject died
2 successesA reasonable estimate of the cause and surroundings
3 successesA clear grasp of the cause and location
4 successesCertain knowledge of the cause and location, and a rough image of the killer
5 successesInfallible insight of the cause, a clear vision of the killer, and the exact location

Necromancy 2 - Call Forth the Host
Effect: This power will summon a spirit for questioning. You must know the name of the spirit in question, and you must possess some fragment of the spirit's corpse. The ceremony must be done in complete silence, save for the invocations, and requires 15 minutes to perform. Vampires who had reached Golconda, or individuals who possessed True Faith in life may not be summoned using this power.
System: Roll Charisma + Occult (diff of the spirit's Willpower). The number of successes indicates the clarity of the spirit's communication. After each question is asked, the spirit may try to break free. If so, another roll must be made to maintain contact. A botch summons a malignant spirit who will pretend to be the one sought, but will lie in answering the questions.

Obfuscate 1 - Cloak of Shadows
Effect: You may conceal yourself with shadows. Once concealed, you must stand silent and still, if you move, attack, or fall under direct light, the cloak is dropped. Close observation may also penetrate the cloak.
System: No roll is needed, the power works automatically provided that you fulfill the criteria above. So long as you remain silent, motionless, and in shadow, only a vampire with high Auspex may see you, and then only when specifically looking for hidden things.

Protean 1 - Witness of Darkness
Effect: This power allows you to see normally in darkness, without the aid of torches. While in effect, your inner Beast causes your eyes to glow red.
System: No roll or expenditure is required, but it takes one turn for the change to occur.

Protean 2 - Talons of the Beast
Effect: You may sprout claws on each hand, as a manifestation of your inner Beast. These claws cause aggravated damage, which cannot be healed through the expenditure of Blood Points.
System: This transformation is also automatic, but takes 1 Blood Point to initiate, and one turn for the claws to finish growing.

Protean 3 - Interred in the Earth
Effect: This power allows you to meld and become one with the earth. To activate this power, you must be in direct contact with bare earth. Once interred, you cannot move around, but you are hidden from sunlight and view.
System: No roll is made, the transformation is automatic, but a Blood Point must be spent.

Thaumaturgical Necromancy

Ash Path 1 - Shroudsight
Effect: This power allows you to see through the shroud. On activation, you can see ghostly items, buildings, and even Wraiths. Such Wraiths, however, can also see you, so be careful who you stare at.
System: Roll Perception + Alertness (diff 7). The effects last for one scene.

Ash Path 2 - Lifeless Tongues
Effect: This power allows you to converse with the Wraiths you may see through Shroudsight. When activated, both you and any nearby Wraiths may converse with each other without expending any effort.
System: Roll Perception + Occult (diff 6) and spend a Willpower point. This power also grants the effects of Shroudsight.

Ash Path 3 - Dead Hand
Effect: Dead Hand allows you to reach across the shroud and and affect a ghostly object as is it were real. Wraiths are solid to you while using this power, and may be attacked (or may attack you...). You may pick up ghostly items, and may even climb ghostly buildings.
System: Spend one Willpower and roll Wits + Occult (diff 7). For each scene you wish to remain in contact with the Underworld, you must spend one Blood Point.

Shadow World 1 - See the Dead
Effect: You may view the ghosts that inhabit the area you are looking at. You may also determine the general attitude of these Wraiths.
System: Spend one Blood Point and concentrate on the area. Make a Willpower roll, one success allows you to sense Wraiths or Spectres, more successes will allow you to divine more details of their attitude.

Shadow World 2 - Repel the Angry Dead
Effect: You may banish hostile ghosts from the area. This banishment is usually either temporary or dependent on the performance of some action to appease the ghost.
System: You must first locate the ghost, then spend one Blood Point and roll your Willpower. For each success, the ghost will stay away for one hour. A second roll (diff 8, only one success needed) may be made to determine what must be done to ensure permanent banishment.

Which book and page are these Spirit thingies on???
Path of Spirit 1

Path of Spirit 2

Rituals Roll Intelligence + Occult (difficulty 3 + the level of the ritual, maximum 9). Success indicates no problems, failure has no effect, and a botch will get you noticed by certain powers...

Level One

Call of the Hungry Dead This ritual takes ten minutes to cast, and requires a hair from the target's head. At the climax of the ritual, the victim's hair is burned, and he becomes able to hear snatches of conversation from across the shroud. If the victim is unfamiliar with the results, he will be unable to make out anything intelligible, and may well go briefly mad.

Level Two

Whispers of the Ghost??? from where...

Level Three

One ritual short, I think... 3 dots in Ash Path...

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