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Comtessa Teresa Moncada, Prince of Kronstadt

Player: Kara
Clan: Lasombra
Nature: Autocrat
Demeanor: Judge
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1189
Apparent Age: 16
Physical: Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 4, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 2
Talents: Acting 1, Alertness 2, Dodge 1, Intimidation 3, Leadership 2, Subterfuge 2
Skills: Animal Ken 1, Etiquette 3, Melee 1, Music 1, Ride 2, Stealth 1
Knowledges: Academics 2, Law 2, Linguistics 4, Occult 1, Politics 3, Science 1, Seneschal 3
Disciplines: Dominate 3, Fortitude 1, Obtenebration 3, Presence 2, Thaumaturgy 1, Tranquillus 2
Thaumaturgy Paths: Lure of Flames 1
Backgrounds: Generation 2, Influence 1, Mentor 5, Resources 1, Retainers 2, Status 5
Merits/Flaws: Ambidextrous, 1 pt. Merit; Natural Linguist, 2 pt. Merit; Eidetic Memory, 2 pt. Merit; Prestigious Confessor, 1 pt. Merit; Code of Ethics, 1 pt. Merit; Racial Hatred (Jew, Spanish Moor), 1 pt Flaws(2); Compulsion (cleanliness), 1 pt. Flaw; 2nd Class Citizen, 2 pt. Flaw; Sire's Resentment, 1 pt. Flaw; Overconfident, 1 pt. Flaw
Virtues: Conscience 3, Self-Control 4, Courage 3
Road: Chivalry 7
Willpower: 6
Maximum Blood Pool:14
Blood per Turn:2
Maximum Trait Rating: 5

Discipline Abilities:

Dominate 1 - Observance of the Spoken Word
Effect: State a one-word command (the command may be part of a sentence, but must be strongly stressed in this case). The subject must obey this command if the roll is successful.
System: Roll Manipulation + Intimidation (difficult is the target's Willpower). Extra successes indicate that the command is followed with greater vigor.

Dominate 2 - Murmur of the False Will
Effect: You can force a subject to follow one command. Commands must be clear and unquestionable, and cannot go against the subject's nature. Suicide commands are likewise ineffective.
System: Roll Manipulation + Leadership (diff target's Willpower). 1-2 successes will force the subject to follow a simple command that is not strange to her, 3-4 successes will allow any action that does not endanger the subject. 5 or more successes allow almost any sort of command.

Dominate 3 - Reveler's Memory
Effect: You may steal and recreate the memories of another. This is not always entirely effective, but can be used to eliminate events from the subject's mind. If another's memories have been altered by this power, you may be able to restore them. You cannot use this power on yourself.
System: Roll Wits + Subterfuge (diff of the target's Willpower), and consult the table below. To detect or restore altered memories, you must possess at least the same level of Dominate as the vampire who made the alterations, then roll Wits + Subterfuge (diff of the Willpower of the original vampire), gaining more successes than the original vampire did.
1 successMemory loss lasts a day.
2 successesMay remove, but not alter, memory.
3 successesMay make slight alterations to memory.
4 successesMay alter or remove an entire scene.
5 successesMay alter or remove whole periods of the subject's life.

Fortitude 1
Effect: Your Fortitude allows you to soak damage from sunlight and fire. Each level of Fortitude gives you one additional soak die when soaking any wounds.
System: simply add Fortitude to Stamina for the purposes of soaking wounds. Only a character with Fortitude may soak sunlight or fire.

Obtenebration 1 - Shadow Play
Effect: Manipulate shadows, shroud areas, dim ambient light, etc.
System: Spend a Blood Point to evoke the shadows. All Intimidation and stealth rolls have their difficulties reduced by one, and all opponents' missile attack difficulties are increased by one. Mortals must make a Courage roll (difficulty 8) or have all Dice Pools reduced by one. If the Courage roll is made, the mortal is immune to further uses of Shadow Play permanently. Animals always lose one die from their Dice Pools, and most will flee the scene.

Obtenebration 2 - Nocturne
Effect: Blanket an area with impenetrable darkness
System: Automatically cloak a 10' diameter area within [10 times (Perception + Occult)] range. Each success on a Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty 7) doubles the diameter of the power's effect. Those within the effect suffer a three-dice penalty to most actions. Mortals must make a Courage roll (difficulty 8) or panic. If the shadows envelop a flame, you may spend a Willpower point (more for large fires) to douse the flames.

Obtenebration 3 - Arms of Ahriman
The vampire may create dark tendrils. Each success either summons a six-foot shadowy tendril, or increases such a tendril by six feet. Each tendril has Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Brawl 2.
System: Manipulation + Occult, difficulty 7

Presence 1 - Awe
Effect: Cause an immediate and intense attraction to yourself, puts subjects in a mood to agree with you.
System: Charisma + Acting (difficulty 7). One Willpower may be spent by the subjects every few minutes to resist the effect, and as soon as a number of Willpower points equal to the number of successes rolled is spent, the Awe effect is shaken off. The number of successes determines how many people are affected by this power.
1 suc.1 person
2 suc.2 people
3 suc.6 people
4 suc.20 people
5 suc.everyone in the immediate vicinity

Presence 2 - Dread Gaze
Effect: Engenders unspeakable terror in its victims. To use this power, you must bare your claws and fangs while hissing, revealing yourself as a vampire to everyone nearby.
System: Charisma + Intimidation roll (difficulty is victim's Wits + 3). One success indicates that the victim is cowed, while three or more send the victim screaming into the night. Each success subtracts one from the victim's Dice Pools. If performed in successive turns, successes may be added together, leaving the victim a quivering heap once his Dice Pools have run out. Failure negates all previous successes, and a botch leaves the victim immune to further uses of Presence by you for the remainder of the story.

All Thaumaturgy Paths require that one Blood Point be spent, and a Willpower roll must be made (difficulty of the power's level + 3). Failure indicates that the magic does not activate, while a botch indicates that a point of permanent Willpower is lost.

Lure of Flames 1
Effect: This power creates and controls pure flame. The higher the level of power used, larger the fire. These flames cannot burn their creator until after they have been released. Once released, you have no control over the flame.
System: Each success allows you to hold the flame for one minute before releasing it. A Perception + Alertness roll may be used to place the flame in the correct spot. The table below shows the strengths of flame for each level.
LevelFlame SizeSoak DifficultyDamage per turn
TwoPalm of FlameFiveOne

Tranquillus 1 - Mystify
Effect: When applied, this power causes the target or targets to become temporarily fascinated by some aspect of their surroundings in a vague and distracted way. This power is incapable of affecting anyone that is in the grips of an elevated emotional state such as acute fear or anger.
System: No roll required. Can be used against a number of targets within line of sight up to your Willpower rating. Each target makes a Wits roll automatically. The success of this roll determines the maximum duration that the effect lasts, though any victim can be easily shaken out of this reverie by another person.
BotchThe effect lasts until the target is forcefully shaken out of it.
FailureWill fade within an hour.
1 successWill fade within ten minutes.
2 successesWill fade within one minute.
3 successesWill fade within a few seconds.
4 successesWill fade within a single turn.
5 or more successesDoes not take effect.

Tranquillus 2 - Daze
Effect: This power allows you to send a single target into a temporary trance-like state. The target can still be interacted with until violently shaken out of the state or the effect wears off. While under the effect, the target will answer simple questions and can even be coaxed into performing simple tasks (walking, dialing a phone, handing over an object, etc.). The target will not do or say anything that they truly believe is wrong, and they cannot be forced to go against their own morals, but their resistance to coercion is severely weakened. In some cases the storyteller may require the player to make a Manipulation + Empathy roll to coerce an answer or action out of a resistant subject. This power is incapable of affecting anyone that is in the grips of an elevated emotional state such as acute fear or anger.
System: Manipulation + Intimidation roll required (difficulty 6) to activate. Can only be used against one target within line of sight at a time. The target makes a Wits roll automatically. The success of this roll determines the maximum duration that the effect lasts, though the victim can be shaken out of this reverie by another person - albeit with some difficulty.
Wits RollEffect
BotchThe effect lasts until the target is forcefully shaken out of it.
FailureWill fade within one night.
1 successWill fade within one hour.
2 successesWill fade within ten minutes.
3 successesWill fade within one minute.
4 successesWill fade within a few seconds.
5 or more successesDoes not take effect.

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