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Verdo, Voivode of Mediasch

Player: Sean Lafferty
Clan: Tzimisce
Nature: Monster
Demeanor: Tyrant
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1190
Apparent Age: 32
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 1, Manipulation 4, Appearance 1
Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 4, Wits 2
Talents: Alertness 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 2, Empathy 2, Intimidation 3
Skills: Etiquette 3, Melee 2, Ride 1, Stealth 2
Knowledges: Academics 3, Linguistics 3, Occult 2, Politics 3
Disciplines: Animalism 1, Auspex 2, Obtenebration 1, Potence 1, Vicissitude 5
Backgrounds: Generation 2, Resources 4, Retainers 1
Merits/Flaws: Nobility, Nightmares, Territorial, Taint of Corruption
Virtues: Conviction 2, Instinct 4, Courage 4
Road: Metamorphosis 6
Willpower: 8
Maximum Blood Pool: 14
Maximum Per Turn: 2
Maximum Trait Rating: 5

Discipline Abilities:

Animalism 1 - Feral Speech
Effect: When looking into an animal's eyes, commands may be given by speaking in that animal's language (barks, chirps, whatever). Cooperation is not guaranteed, but the animal will be better disposed to a Cainite who can speak with it. Commands should be tailored to the intelligence of the animal.
System: no roll is necessary to initiate speech, but a Charisma + Animal Ken roll (diff 6, adjusted for circumstance and roleplaying). Appealing to the animal's needs or desire may help. Consider the Nature of the animal, predators should be asked, while squirrels can be intimidated.

Auspex 1 - Heightened Senses
Effect: sharpens all five senses. may cause short, obscure flashes of empathy or odd premonitions. sudden or strong stimuli (thunderclap, flare of light, etc.) may render the related sense unusable for one hour (blind, deaf, etc.)
System: no cost to activate. if necessary, the storyteller rolls your unmodified Auspex rating against a variable difficulty (usually 6 to 9) to determine if you sense something especially low-key. (reccommended is diff 6 for blood laced with poison, diff 9 to sense something in the next country).

Auspex 2 - Soulsight
Effect: With this power, you may read the aura of the target. This may allow you to determine the target's emotional state, breed, etc. As the emotional state of the target changes, so will his aura.
System: Roll Perception + Empathy (diff 8). Each success reveals more of the aura.
1 successpale or bright only
2 successescolor
3 successespattern
4 successessubtle shifts
5 successesmixtures of color and pattern

Obtenebration 1 - Shadow Play
Effect: Manipulate shadows, shroud areas, dim ambient light, etc.
System: Spend a Blood Point to evoke the shadows. All Intimidation and stealth rolls have their difficulties reduced by one, and all opponents' missile attack difficulties are increased by one. Mortals must make a Courage roll (difficulty 8) or have all Dice Pools reduced by one. If the Courage roll is made, the mortal is immune to further uses of Shadow Play permanently. Animals always lose one die from their Dice Pools, and most will flee the scene.

Potence 1
Effect: Your Potence adds automatic successes to Strength rolls. In melee and brawling combat, these successes count on the damage roll.
System: Make your Strength rolls as usual, then add one success per point in Potence. For tests of Strength, if your Potence rating exceeds the number of successes required, you perform the action without needing to roll.

Vicissitude 1 - Malleable Visage
Effect: You may alter your bodily parameters, including height, voice, build, facial features, skin tone, etc.
System: You must spend a Blood Point for each body part to be changed, then roll Intelligence + Body Crafts (diff 6). To change another person requires Perception + Body Crafts (diff 8). Five successes are required for a flawless copy (fewer successes leave minute flaws). Increasing one's Appearance Trait is difficulty 10, and a botched roll will result in a permanent loss of one point of Appearance.

Vicissitude 2 - Transmogrify the Mortal Clay
Effect: Similar in form and use to Malleable Visage, this allows you to perform drastic changes to other creatures. This power is permanent on mortals, but vampires may spend Blood Points to heal the changes
System: You must touch the victim, and physically mold their flesh into the desired form. Make a Dexterity + Body Crafts roll, difficulty varies depending on the desired effect (diff 5 for a crude job, 9 for an exact replica or creation). You may use this power to increase another's appearance as with Malleable Visage, or to decrease it at a difficulty of 5. You may increase any subject's soak dice by one, at the expense of either a health level or a point of Strength (your choice, roll Dex + Body Crafts diff 8).

Vicissitude 3 - Rend the Osseous Frame
Effect: At this level of power, you may manipulate bone in the same manner as flesh. In conjunction with Vicissitude 2, this allows you to deform a creature beyond recognition.
System: Make a Strength + Body Crafts roll (difficulties as above), while using Malleable Visage. This power may be used as an offensive weapon, you must first grapple the victim, then roll Strength + Body Crafts versus difficulty 7. Each success causes one Health Level of damage.
You may use this power on yourself or others to form spikes or talons of bone. If used on the hands, this causes one Health Level of damage. If used to form quills over the entire body, this causes 5 - the number of successes in damage (a botch either kills the subject or sends it into torpor). Knuckle spikes cause Strength + 2 nonaggravated damage, quills inflict damage on a brawling attacker (causes the attacker's Strength in nonaggravated damage, unless the attacker scores more than three successes on the attack roll). Quills also add two dice to all body slam or grappling damage rolls.
If you score five or more successes on a Strength + Body Crafts roll (diff 7), you may cause an opponent's ribcage to curve inward and pierce his heart. This will kill a mortal instantly, and cause a vampire to lose half her Blood Points and erupt in a shower of gore.

Vicissitude 4 - Awaken the Zulo Shape
Effect: Upon use of this power, you grow to eight feet, your skin becomes a greenish or black chitin, arms are ropy and apelike, with ragged black nails, face warps, spines protrude from back, body exudes a foul smelling grease.
System: Spend two Blood Points. All Physical Attributes increase by three, but all Social Attributes drop to zero (however, you may substitute Strength for a Social Attribute when trying to intimidate someone). Brawling damage increases by one die.

Vicissitude 5 - Ascendancy of the Sanguine Humor
Effect: You may now physically transform all or part of your body into sentient blood. This blood is in all respects identical to your normal vampiric vitae. You may use it to nourish yourself or others, create ghouls, and establish Blood Oaths. If all of this blood is destroyed, you meet Final Death, and if it is all imbibed, you have been diablerized. For several hours after you assume this form, you will act giddy and a little high.
System: You may transform as you deem fit. Each leg may become two points of vitae, as can the torso. Each arm, the head, or the abdomen can convert to one Blood Point. The blood may be reconverted as long as it is in contact with your body. If the blood has been ingested or destroyed, you must spend a number of Blood Points equal to what was created to regrow the missing part. When you are entirely turned into blood, you may not be staked, cut, bludgeoned, or pierced. You may be burned or expsed to the sun, however. You may not physically attack, but you can ooze slowly, and you fluid body will act in ways normal for a puddle of gore. Mental Disciplines may be used, provided that no eye contact is required, and if you manage to wash over a mortal or animal, that mortal must make a Courage roll or flee.

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